He-Shi Tanning

After a promising start the summer quickly downhill this year, resulting in August being pretty much a washout and my tan, which had been looking great, quickly faded. Fortunately He-Shi came to the rescue with their fantastic Face & Body Tanning Gel and Tanning Mitt*.


I’m not usually one for fake tanning as my dry skin often results in a patchy, streaky tan. But I found He-Shi made the whole process fool proof – particularly using their Tanning Mitt (£4.50) which really helps the tan glide on and prevents staining of the hands. Another bonus of the mitt is it made application so quick and effortless. I’d heard that some mitts shed fibres when new but this one didn’t, it also rinsed easily and dried quite fast.


Back to the tanner itself, He-Shi Face & Body Tanning (150ml £17.50) is tinted so whilst the tan takes a few hours to develop the effect of bronzed skin is instant. It also means you can easily see where you have applied the tan. No excuse for missing bits! The gel is very quick drying and I was able to dress after 5 minutes, although the instructions advise you to avoid water or activities that cause excess perspiration until the tan has developed (6-8 hours).

Containing 100% natural DHA and with a fragrance, paraben and alcohol free formulation He Shi Tanning Gel is gentle enough for the facial area.

The patented Youth Revive Opti Tan formula includes moisture lock technology which helps the tan to last longer, whilst rejuvenating your skin’s appearance to help fight the signs of ageing.

The picture below shows the tan after immediate application:

L. Leg without tan
R. Leg immediately after applying product

One day after using the tan

As you can see the tan is quite subtle but it can be built up as required and obviously that will result in a deeper colour. The colour too looks so natural; beautifully bronzed with not a hint of orange in sight.

To prolong the tan I also have the He-Shi Souffle Moisturiser* (150ml
£11.00) containing Aloe Vera, Panthenol and Vitamin E. This has a lovely light, cooling texture and will prolong your tan whilst preventing it from wearing off unevenly. This also has the Youth Revive Opti Tan formula and moisture lock technology that was in the tanning gel so the two products will complement each other.


So what is my verdict? I must admit was quite apprehensive about using fake tan as it has been quite some time since I last used one, but I needn’t have been! The whole process was so quick and easy, with the gel effortlessly gliding on and the mitt ensuring coverage was smooth and even. There are no patchy areas; even on my knees and the back of my ankles where the skin tends to be drier.

I used the product quite sparingly as it was my first time using the product and applying with a mitt but I’ll know that next time I can use a little more for a slightly deeper colour – safe in the knowledge that the effect will neither be orange nor streaky.

I’d definitely recommend the He-Shi Tanning Gel & Mitt to everyone, but particularly those new to tanning because the results are so easy to achieve. You can buy a kit containing all the 3 products in this review here for £23.75, saving you £9.25 off the individual RRPs!

*PR Samples

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