Memebox Superbox #43 2014 F/W Colors

It was as if Memebox read my review of the Jackpot box and knew I needed some more Korean make-up and cuteness in my life to break up the glut of skincare in my stash – cue the Memebox Superbox #43* landing on my doorstep – a box jam packed with fantastic makeup products and even a fairy (more about that later)!



The Memebox Superbox #43 was curated with the 2014 Autumn / Winter season in mind and Memebox browsed through endless Pinterest and Instagram photos looking for the hottest autumn makeup colors of 2014. They finally came up with the perfect Autumn trend colour concoction of African Violet to work on every skin tone, the refreshing Hemlock Green, and Just Bitten Berry, which will make a loud statement. And let me tell you it’s a combination that works!



DD’ell Stay Forever Gel Eye Pencil in 06  Twilight Purple & 08 Garden Light (Full Size 1.2g, $14 each)
I am a huge fan of colored eyeliners and these ones remind me of Stila Smudgesticks (review here). They are highly pigmented and the deep colours also have a gorgeous shimmer. They are also super long-lasting; in fact the swatch on my hand survived washing up twice and only came off when I scrubbed it off in the bath!


DD’ell Illumination Eye Shadow in 15 Shimmer Green (Full Size 2.2g, $11)
This eyeshadow is a lovely shimmery mid-green colour. Made with pearl powder and blackberry extracts the formula can either be worn as a light wash across the lid or built up. 



Shara Fairy’s Perfume Nail Polish in VL01 Lilac Bora (Full Size 65g, $4)
This is really a nice darker-lilac colour with silver flecks and is completely unlike any other in my collection. It has a slight floral scent and the bottle design is super cute.   This nail polish contains wine extract, macadamia seed oil and collagen to strengthen nails and the application is very smooth, giving full coverage in two coats. 


Witch’s Pouch Love Me Blusher in 07 Sexy Swan (Full Size 11g, $14)
This is a very fresh, shimmery pink-coral powder blush and is made from 4 different herbal extracts; Lavender, Rosemary Oregano and Thyme. Handily this blush has a hidden section where a small brush is enclosed.


Witch’s Pouch POPO Lipstick  (Full Size 19,g $12)  I received S23 Orchid Plum, a lovely deep plum colour that is perfect for Autumn. The paraben free formula is rich in texture and beautifully hydrating.


Yadah Angel Lip Tint 02 Red Wine (Full Size 24g, $8)
This is a lip and cheek tint – think of is as Korea’s answer to Benefit’s Benetint but slightly more viscous and much more intense – I actually prefer it. Even better is the formula, which is Paraben, Mineral Oil, Ethanol, Triethanolamine, and Propylene glycol free. The colourant is naturally extracted from plants (Red tomatoes & Gromwell flowers) giving your lips a natural, rosy tint.

I have swatched all the products below:

L. DD’ell Stay Forever Gel Eye Pencil 08 Garden Light
R.  DD’ell Stay Forever Gel Eye Pencil 06 Twilight Purple

L. DD’ell Illumination Eye Shadow 15 Shimmer Green
R. Witch’s Pouch Love Me Blusher 07 Sexy Swan

L. Yadah Angel Tint 02 Red Wine
R. Witch’s Pouch POPO Lipstick

This is a fantastic box featuring some gorgeous makeup and all the colours and products are right up my street – I will use everything in this box.

This box cost $23.00 which works out at around £14 (+ $6.99 shipping) and has a retail value of $77 if you bought the items seperately.

All of the Memeboxes are shipped directly from Korea which does mean regular shipping can take 15 – 25 business days (express shipping options are available at an additional charge), you can rest assured however that the $6.99 shipping is all you will pay – no nasty surprises from customs charges or taxes! Unlike a subscription based box service there is no ongoing commitment with Memebox;  you can buy as few or as many boxes as you like.

You can browse all of Memebox’s offerings here and if you see a box that takes your fancy use my exclusive code C1S3 get $5 off at checkout!

*PR Sample

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5 thoughts on “Memebox Superbox #43 2014 F/W Colors

    • Helen says:

      Thanks! I’m using my Samsung S4 still but I’m just brightening them up if they look dull and messing about with the colour balance and sharpness etc. You’ll never believe I was messing about with those pencils for ages trying to wind up the end then I Googled it and another blogger said how you just use a standard sharpener. D’oh! X

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