Love Me Beauty – September Review

Beauty box company Love Me Beauty teased us for weeks via email about their Beauty Revolution relaunch but sadly, behind the scenes, IT preparations weren’t as quite slick as their marketing campaign and a site that was supposed to be unavailable for 4 hours was still offline 48 hours later.


It seems Love Me Beauty have dropped a bit of a PR clanger this month; not only still taking money on the 5th for a subscription service that was inaccessible, but also changing the way their boxes worked so that people who paid in advance for their boxes felt a little cheated that they were no longer getting the same service they had paid for. The cost of the box has also been increased to £13.95 for new subscribers.

So what do we get for this rebranding exercise?

Each month the £13.95 subscription is now worth 6 credits which can be exchanged for products of your choosing. Some premium and full size products are worth 2 credits, whilst sample sized product are worth 1 credit. So far so good it seems, until we look at our previous boxes which often had 4 full sizes and 1 or 2 samples making them typically worth between 8 and 10 credits.

Many people like the idea of a curated box, put together for them either entirely or with just a few choices, this new service from Love Me Beauty puts the control firmly in your hands and some people are unhappy with this. Replacing 3 menus with a box you choose entirely by yourself means that it all gets rather complicated and difficult. Choice can be a great thing if there are items you know you particularly hate receiving or are unsuitable and I’m sure there are people who welcome this change, but it can make selection quite laborious and there is the risk that popular items will go first leading to disappointment. Also I feel a beauty box is meant to push you out of your comfort zone and try new things – even that bright orange lipstick you wouldn’t normally go near!


Finally we get a much sleeker, higher quality box with a branded drawstring bag (although the box is absent this month – another teething issue perhaps?), but again is this what customers really want? I’ve seen a lot of people saying that the better quality boxes are just a waste of money and that they’d rather Love Me Beauty invest in the contents. There’s also the environmental consideration and we’ve gone from a company who prided themselves in their minimal, eco-friendly packaging to one that is sending us lovely looking boxes and bags but that will all the same end up in landfill eventually.

Anyway – back to the task in hand and reviewing my September box which arrived yesterday. 

With my 6 credits I chose the following:


Oriflame Skin Dream BB Cream SPF30 (30ml, £10.95)
I love BB Creams and this seems to get pretty good reviews. Oriflame is a Swedish beauty brand I’ve seen feature in a few boxes but I’ve never tried anything from them. The BB Cream itself came in Light and its shade suited me perfectly. It felt very creamy in consistency and applied smoothly. The overall effect was a natural, smoother, more balanced complexion.


Anatomicals Nun Better Bergamot & Green Ginger Body Butter (200ml,
I’m a sucker for Anatomicals funky names and packaging so when I saw there was a variety of Anatomicals products on offer I knew one would find its way into my box, the only problem was which! I already have an Anatomicals Body Wash so I thought the Body Butter would be a nice addition.  This body butter isn’t as rich as I expected but is still nicely hydrating and being a little lighter means in can use it in the day, unlike my thicker body butters that I confine to evening use.


S5 Renew Serum (10ml, £18.00) and Balance Fluid (15ml, £12)
For me beauty boxes are all about discovering new brands and S5 is one I’ve never used before so I chose two products from them that I can use in conjunction with each other. S5 is the first range of certified organic and natural cosmeceutical treatments, designed to solve skin concerns like blemishes, sensitivity, dry skin, pigmentation, fine lines & wrinkles naturally and without harsh chemicals. The range is developed by the team behind the premium natural range NUDE skincare so has a great pedigree – I’m really looking forward to trying these.

I picked my box on the 7th, but it took Love Me Beauty another week to dispatch my box then a further six days for it to arrive – nowhere near as quick as their previous turnaround time and to put it in perspective my Memeboxes coming all the way from Korea arrive in 8 days via standard shipping! It’s ironic because if Love Me Beauty had put these products together for me in their old-style menu system I’d probably have been happy with my box; I’ve got some lovely skincare and the value of my selection is great. Picking products yourself however is quite a time consuming process and takes the fun out of it. Whilst I may chose a box if something really jumps out at me in the future, I can’t see me doing this each month.


Also to add insult to injury I looked at the boutique the following day to find a lot of the 2 credit items had become 1 credit items – I challenged Love Me Beauty on this and they advised that these are items that have become low stock and have been reduced accordingly.  I’m not quite sure how that is fair to their customers who choose items early? Subscribe later in the month or hold off choosing items and you can effectively get a box worth twice as much.

This is a difficult review to write as the product selection wasn’t too bad and the newly designed website and packaging looks great, but I just cannot overlook the disastrous relaunch or the way existing customers have been kept in the dark regarding important changes to the service.

The new Love Me Beauty box lacks charm too; no theme to create a buzz around, or anything to add a finishing touch. Not even a product card. It just feels like the items have been thrown in without imagination. To me the new service feels like the equivalent of being given a gift card at Christmas; it’s not really bad but you know the person lacks imagination or couldn’t be bothered and you end up with the task of buying your own gift. This isn’t the service I signed up to! It’s a shame because I championed Love Me Beauty initially but this new style of service has left me feeling quite cold.

What do you think of Love Me Beauty‘s relaunch? Are you on board the Beauty Revolution or are you jumping ship?

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18 thoughts on “Love Me Beauty – September Review

  1. Tanje Beach says:

    I’ve been a Love Me Beauty subscriber for a while, but this has made me cancel my subscription. I felt like I had no choice but to choose items that I actually didn’t really want! I loved the old choose from 3 menus approach, this new way makes me feel a little cheated for my money.

  2. Dagmara (@mummyscorner) says:

    You’ve chosen some great products! I was considering the S5 samples but thought they’re tiny and didn’t get them but they’re actually good sizes! I actually like choosing my own products I just wish the selection would be bigger and different as this month we were offered products that were present in previous boxes. Also everything has been so slow and difficult, my box hasn’t arrived yet and I was told one of the products I’ve chosen is no longer available so need to choose something else or leave the credits for next box! x

    • Helen says:

      I wouldn’t mind choosing products, if the selection felt a little more curated and tailored to a theme each month (a bit like You Beauty I guess) – this system feels a bit lacking in personality and imagination.

    • Helen says:

      Yeah I’m pleased with my items – I’m just not sure picking a complete box each month is for me plus the service issues I’ve heard about are really concerning.

  3. n says:

    This company is full of bs don’t trust their services you have to email them to cancel your subscriptions and even when you do they still take you money

    • Helen says:

      Sorry to hear that! Luckily that was my last box from them and other than the problems I wrote about I didn’t have any issue with them taking my money.

  4. Julie Milne says:

    I became a subscriber to love me beauty in March this year for a year, costing me if I remember £90, I think it’s the worst beauty box for service that I have ever had, it started off being okay, although you don’t get a lot of choice, and whenever I try to get into the other product categories it just won’t let me, now I haven’t had my box for August, September & probably October as well, even though I have e mailed to tell them this, they keep saying they will sort it & don’t, the credits seem to have gone up to 10 per product now which is ridiculous, maybe that is because they owe me so much, that they have put them up on purpose so they don’t have to give me as much, who knows!! Still wish me luck, going to email them again today

    • Helen says:

      Sorry to hear that. The credits have gone up but I’ve heard you should get 60 credits, so effectively it should work out the same value. I keep having a peek at the boutique to see if it’s worth subbing again but there’s never much choice and the website is so glitchy, so I haven’t bothered. Hope they sort your account out or refund you soon!

  5. Paula says:

    Lovely selection :D. I’ve just cancelled my subscription. My choice always seemed to be eyeshadows and other make-up I didn’t want. Even used my last credits on a nail file! I tried to cancel a few months ago before the change but found it hard to find “unsubscribe” button and even emailing them didn’t work – no reply. So, I kept my subscription up but now even with the changes I wasn’t convinced to stay. With the new website I did find the cancel subscription button a lot easier to find, so I hit it. I may regret it but for now the break will do me good.

    • Helen says:

      I could never find many products on their new website, sometimes only about 8 – 10 options in the boutique and rarely anything that excited me enough to bother resubbung.

  6. tahiraanwar says:

    I’ve decided I will be subscribing to Love Me Beauty there’s been very mixed reviews. From all the reviews I have collated, I have come to the conclusion that there are a few teething issues with postage (arrival times) and the size of products. I would be really interested to hear you honest opinion. Is it worth subscribing?

    Thanks for sharing this post LOVE IT!

    • Helen says:

      It’s been over a year since I had a Love Me Beauty box to be honest so I couldn’t say if it is worth subscribing to. I wasn’t keen on the changes personally and nothing has particular attracted me enough to resubscribe. Thanks for popping by though!

  7. June Smith says:

    Love me beauty are own me over 300 pound I paid every month and got nothing sent I had a serious accident and didn’t work for 2 years had 2 operations and was very ill didn’t notice the payment coming off paypal got me 60 pound back now love me beauty are ignoring me and hope I go away I won’t I’ve been in touch with facebook as I don’t think they should get to advertise it’s a scam

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