My Week – Build a Rocket Boys!

It’s the start of a new week which means only one thing; it’s time for my weekly round-up. I cannot believe how quickly the weeks are passing by, it will soon be time to start thinking about the dreaded C word, but for now I’ll concentrate on the last seven days and what I’ve been up to.

On Monday my latest Memebox arrived – happily it was a makeup based one and made a welcome change from skincare. My blog was an unboxing of the latest Glamour Magazine collaboration with Latest In Beauty – another fabulous box. Other than that it was a quiet day with a friend popping round for a coffee and a chat, then playgroup in the afternoon.

It was a lovely “Indian Summer” sort of day on Tuesday so we spent all day in the garden. I cut back two massive shrubs and filled our large green-waste bin. Unfortunately all the work in the garden combined with the sun resulted in massive migraine that evening so I ended up in bed quite early.


I was up bright and early on Wednesday for a team-building day. All the staff and volunteers from the Children’s Centre travelled to Borwick Hall near Lancaster where we did various mental and physical challenges. The sun was beating down all day and it was a picturesque setting. The final task was to build a rocket and make it fly the furthest. Our team were the clear winners with a rocket that flew the length of two fields! I didn’t get back home until 6.30pm so I ducked out of band practise and put my feet up instead!


Thursday was a “catch up with housework” sort of day and even C got stuck in hindering helping. The tidiness is always shortlived though and it wasn’t long before there was mess everywhere again! The latest You Beauty Discovery limited edition box featuring Philip Kingsley products that i’d ordered on Monday arrived. I also topped up my tan using He-Shi’s foolproof Tanning Gel.

On Friday I got my hair tidied up at the hairdressers. It’s taking ages to grow and currently seems to be stuck at that annoying in between stage where it’s no longer a nice crop yet still nowhere near being a short bob. Whilst the top layers grow I keep having to have the back bit chopped in to prevent it growing into a mullet. I really hope all the effort is worth it! My blog post featured some Balance Me body washes – if you’re a fan of theirs and live near Leeds or Chester I believe there are some forthcoming shopping events you may be interested in (check out my post here).


My husband and I dropped the little one off at her grandparents’ on Saturday while we went shopping at the Trafford Centre. Hubby needed some new clothes and moisturiser, and I just browsed unsuccessfully. I was really hoping to pop my Lush cherry and take home a haul (can you believe I’m a Beauty Blogger who’s never tried Lush?) but being a Saturday afternoon the shop was far too busy for me and I gave up. Hopefully next time… Shopping fail aside, at least it was a good day for mail with both my So Susan Lacquer Love and Love Me Beauty boxes arriving.


Finally on Sunday I managed to finish shopping for C’s nursery uniform so she’s all kitted out for her first day on Wednesday! If you need school clothes I recommend Tu at Sainsburys – their prices are cheap yet the quality seems to be great!

And that concludes my week. I hope you’ve had a good one and feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you’ve been up to!

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