My Week – Feeling Lucky

Hello beauties and welcome once again to my weekly slot. I cannot believe we are two days away from October; mixed emotions for me as it definitely means Summer has left the building but I’m also happy because I’ve noticed lots of exciting Christmas beauty launches are making their way onto our shelves. My Wish-List is getting longer, as I’m sure a lot of other Blogger’s lists are!

As is usual my Monday was very quiet and aside from playgroup in the afternoon we did very little. I was making the most of the last few mornings I had with C before nursery started, so we enjoyed a delicious bacon sandwich for breakfast and didn’t bother getting dressed till mid morning!

I heard on the grapevine on Tuesday that Poundworld had got Revlon Parfumerie polishes in so naturally I popped into town to see if my local store had them – sadly not, but I’ll keep my eyes out. Tuesday’s post was The Blogger Tag; it’s a great way to get to know fellow bloggers but unlike similar tags is nice and simple. 


On Wednesday my little one finally started nursery; she was certainly ready for it after the 6 week holidays. She’ll be going 5 mornings a week and has to wear a proper uniform. My husband took the day off work so we could both take her in the morning, then we took advantage of being child free and went out for a lovely breakfast. When we picked C up we took her for a McDonalds then went for a walk up to Towneley Hall where she loved exploring all the rooms. I blogged about my most recent Pink Parcel subscription box, which is fantastic value and well worth a look. To finish off a good day I found out I’d won a prize on Twitter courtesy of Paul Mitchell!

It was C’s second day at nursery on Thursday and she was eager to get there so it must be going well. To be honest I felt a bit lost and the weather being miserable certainly didn’t help. With a couple of hours to myself I wrote up my Five Product Makeup Challenge and also did some housework. I found out I’d won my second Twitter competition of the week, this one was hosted by the lovely Serene from I Am Serene L – I couldn’t believe my luck!

On Friday I nipped round to a neighbours house who was hosting a MacMillan Coffee Morning – it was very middle-England and I was the youngest there by about 2 decades, but I like to be neighbourly as well as supporting a great charity, and the cakes were yummy! Our road is mainly occupied by retired couples and I think we’re the youngest couple living on here by quite a way – but it does mean it’s nice and quiet. Afterwards we went shopping in Blackburn and I bought a few books and some Body Shop products. As well as publishing my Lacquer Love review I also blogged about the launch of possibly my favourite nail brand Soigné Botanique‘s online store.


We had a impromptu catchup with a friend over in Preston on Saturday, where I finally popped my Lush cherry and bought some products. I was so excited and can’t wait to bring you a post on my first Lush experience! My post today was all about my hair and intention to grow it. I’m hoping to feature more posts on hair products in the coming months as I search for products that will keep my hair healthy and strong.

Last but by no means least on Sunday we visited my In-Laws. All the family were round so C got to play with her cousins. I also remembered to publish my ESPA ProCleanser review which I’m submitting as part of a Blogger competition – the deadline is 30th September with the winners being announced on 14th October so please keep your fingers crossed for me!

I hope you’ve all had a good week! Please feel free to leave a comment below and let me know what you’ve been up to!

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4 thoughts on “My Week – Feeling Lucky

  1. Dagmara (@mummyscorner) says:

    You daughter has to be the same school year as my son as he started his nursery this September as well. He enjoyed it at first, then he cried a lot and the last couple of days he was fine again so fingers crossed he will stay that way 🙂 I can’t enjoy too much the couple of hours when he’s at school as I have a 18months old as well but still it’s nice to have a quieter morning 🙂 Can’t believe you won two prizes in such a short time! Well done! xx

    • Helen says:

      Aw! It’s heartbreaking when they cry, but sometimes I think they are testing us, or they’re maybe just a little tired. I hope your little boy enjoys nursery. So far so good in our house! X

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