My Week – Tea & Sympathy

Hello beauties and thanks for popping by to read my latest weekly installment. It has been a mixed bag this week and after a good start it swiftly went downhill as my husband generously passed his cold onto me, but I’ll try and keep complaining to a minimum!


As I mentioned my week started off well and I had two lovely deliveries on Monday – my first was the Paul Mitchell prize I won the week before. I had no idea what the prize was so I was totally blown away when I opened the gorgeous packaging to find two hair brushes, two styling products and a pair of straighteners! My second package of the day was my All About Eyes Memebox. I decided too that Monday mornings are going to my pamper mornings henceforth so I made the most of C being at nursery to use my Philip Kingsley Elasticizer and have a long soak using my Aromatherapy Associates Bath Oil.

On Tuesday I awoke with a sore throat so I knew what was coming because my husband had just had a cold. As the day progressed so did my symptoms but luckily C was kept entertained watching old Tom&Jerry cartoons and I worked on some blog maintenance. In the afternoon my friend nipped round with his two children who played together with C.


I got up on Wednesday feeling a little better but that was shortlived so I spent another morning curled up on the sofa drinking tea. As it was the first day of the month I blogged about my September Empties. Birchbox revealed their October Box Spoiler too, which was the earliest I’ve known them to annouce their theme – it looks like a good one and generously they’re donating £1 to CoppaFeel for each new subscriber this month so do check my Spoiler post out! Along with the delivery of a Birchbox order that was my only excitement of the day and still feeling rough I ended up skipping band practice.

By Thursday my cold had moved to my sinuses and chest so, instead of sneezing constantly, I was coughing and had a head full of cotton wool instead. My Laura Mercier box arrived and I blogged about last week’s Lush haul.


Friday was another bumper delivery day, with my Lookfantastic box, You Beauty Discovery box and new business cards for my blog arriving! They’ll come in handy as there have been a few times when I’ve got chatting to assitants in shops and they’ve asked for my blog address. I stayed up watching a BBC4 documentary on Kate Bush, one of my all-time favourite singers, whilst the hubby fell asleep on the sofa – very Rock ‘n’ Roll!

As we planned earlier in the week we drove to Ashton Under Lyne on Saturday to see Owl Project’s Generation Noise art installation. The installation is just one of 4 family friendly exhibitions that will be touring galleries in the North West of England over the next 12 months, and earlier this year I was lucky enough to be part of the panel who chose the shortlist of artists. Although I already had a good idea of what to expect it was still great to see it in the flesh and of course C enjoyed playing with the machines. Afterwards we had lunch and wandered around the town centre, where I bought some Revlon Parfumerie polishes that, for £1 each, were a bargain too good to miss!


It was a lovely crisp Autumnal day on Sunday – perfect for the band concert I was playing at in the idylic setting of Wycoller Village. As the band played Daddy took C for a walk along the river. A curry and a bottle of wine rounded off the evening.

My cold is now at that annoying, tickley cough stage but at least I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and next week it should be gone completely. I’ve been popping the multivitamins like my life depended on it so hopefully with my immune system suitably boosted I should be stay germ-free for a while.

I hope you’ve all had a good week and please feel free to let me know what you’ve been up to by leaving a comment!

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