A Lush Christmas

A few weeks ago I made my first Lush purchases and a love affair began. I had to get more, especially as the new Christmas range has launched. Glitter, festive scents, and a legion of snowmen and angels have taken over the stores and are just waiting to bring you some festive cheer and brighten up the darker months!

I nipped into the Trafford Centre store this weekend for a browse and just had to take some pictures of the stunning displays!







Spicy scents of nutmeg, clove, cinnamon filled the air and I wish my photos could convey the amazing fragrance! But how gorgeous does everything look? It was by far the most festive shop in the centre. Lush certainly don’t do things by halves; no understated, chic, elegant Christmas displays here – this was glitzy, bright and ho-ho-hot!

Onto my purchases:

Snow Fairy Shimmer, Snow Fairy Shower Gel, Snow Angel Bath Melt

I couldn’t resist the lure of the cute angels, nor a bit of pink or shimmer, so I picked the lovely Snow Angel Bath Melt, a Snow Fairy Shimmer massage bar and the limited edition, extremely popular Snow Fairy Shower Gel. They smell fabulous and I can’t wait to have a pamper session and use them!

Dashing Santa, Ickle Robot, Creamy Candy Bubble Bar, Yog Nog Soap

My little one loves her baths so for her I picked the Dashing Santa and Ickle Robot bath bombs and a Creamy Candy Bubble Bar. Intended as stocking fillers I just hope I can hang onto them till Christmas – but I can forsee me having to repurchase! Finally the scent of the Yog Nog Soap was totally irresistible – it smells like Cinder Toffee – so naturally a slice of that snuck in!

Of course there are the ones that got away and on the drive home I regret not purchasing the following:


This Snowcake Soap smells divine. I wanted whole cake though. It looks so pretty!


If Martians celebrated Christmas this must be what their puddings look like! I totally wish I’d got the Holly Golightly Bubble Bar now, it looks so festive and cute, doesn’t it. Plus it turns the water so green and delightfully shimmery!

What do you think of Lush’s Christmas specials? Have you treated yourself to any yet? I’m really hoping a few of their beautifully wrapped goodies find their way under my tree!

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22 thoughts on “A Lush Christmas

  1. Kirsts says:

    I just did a bit of a Lush haul on my blog. I bought the melting snowman from the Christmas collection and it is sooooo nice! Can’t believe it’s Christmas already!

  2. Han says:

    I have a Lush haul scheduled on my blog for tomorrow, would you mind if I mentioned this post as the pictures are really good! Much better than the ones I’ve got! xx

    • Helen says:

      Thanks! Only only popped my Lush cherry two weeks ago tbh! I’ve heard they’re ok for sensitive types too – I did a post a week or so ago and bought their Porridge and Honey I Washed The Kids soaps which are lovely and soothing so may be suitable, also the Butterball bath bomb which is high in cocoa butter. The sales assistants are really helpful so maybe ask what they’d recommend. X

      • karenheidirees says:

        Thanks so much Helen, glad to hear I’m not the only one who will be relatively new to Lush! The products look amazing so keeping fingers crossed they don’t flare up any angry skin conditions. The butterball bath bomb sounds delicious… I can (almost) smell it already 😀 x

  3. Zoe says:

    Ahh lovely post you’ve made me feel all festive haha! Sooo excited to get my yog nog soap through the post now.
    I got the snow cake one last year , wouldn’t it be amazing if they bought out showergels with the yognog scent and snowcake one xx

  4. Belinda says:

    Been using LUSH for years and cannot recommend them highly enough. Their staff are fantastic and will help. You also get to try out products in the shop. Ask also if there’s something you would like a sample of, to try at home. They don’t advertise it but if you ask they will give you a small sample to take home and try. Then you can see if its right for you.

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