My Week – Feeling SAD

This week I concluded that I definitely suffer from SAD and it has been quite a tough week as a result. Combine that with burning the candle at both ends and I’ve literally been what us Sheffield folk call a “right mardy cow”. Fortunately however the week wasn’t without its highlights, so join me for my weekly update and find out what I’ve been up to…

Monday was a bit of a non starter, as we hurried our lunch in order to get to playgroup only to be the only ones there. After waiting to see if anyone came we packed up and came home. To cheer myself up that evening I did my nails using a stunning teal shade from Soigné Botanique.


It was a much better day on Tuesday, helped by a bumper mail delivery which included some products to review from Thea Skincare, my October Pink Parcel, and a competition prize. I blogged about the Lush Christmas Range – the products are currently making my bedroom smell divine and I need to move them out of temptation’s way otherwise they’ll make it into my bath rather than under the Christmas tree!

On Wednesday the Hermes lady delivered my secret swap parcel but as we aren’t opening them until the 24th I haven’t a clue what will be inside or even who sent it yet and it’s incredibly well wrapped so there is no possibility of getting even the slightest peek!


On Thursday I spent the morning doing housework and also compiling a Blogger’s Christmas Gift List from the lovely Handpicked Collection. I’m desperately trying to get in a more festive mood but it isn’t really happening yet. I then had a Parents Forum meeting so that took up the afternoon. A surprise delivery also arrived in the shape of a competition prize from Soft & Gentle – with 8 deodorants I think I have a year’s supply!

Friday was a busy day; after doing the housework I had to pick my friend’s children up from school and they stayed for their tea. It was then a quick change into my band uniform for a concert.

We finally got our car back from the garage on Saturday, where it had been having some repairs to bodywork. After a walk around the shops and lunch we came home and watched some feel-good Disney films; perfect on a cold, autumn day!


Sunday was probably the best day of the week; meeting up with some university friends we’ve not seen in ages. We had a lovely lunch at the New Continental in Preston, which is a fantastic real ale pub, then a walk in the park. We said our goodbyes at about 3pm as they had a long drive back to the West Midlands. After C was tucked up in bed we had a cheeky take-out pizza!

This week I’m determined to shake off the winter blues by baking, making some hearty home-cooked meals, getting wrapped up and, regardless of the weather, going for some walks. I’m also endeavouring to get to bed earlier. How do you cheer yourself up when you’re feeling low?

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4 thoughts on “My Week – Feeling SAD

    • Helen says:

      I was thinking I may need a supplement. I already take a standard multi-vitamin but I may look at adding in a higher level of vitamin D. Sorry to hear you had a bad day but glad the boy is looking after you 🙂

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