Weleda White Mallow Review

Since birth my daughter has suffered with dry skin and the occasional patch of eczema. After being unhappy with the various creams being prescribed by the GP, none of which made an ounce of difference to her skin, we switched to natural skincare and used Weleda’s Calendula range. The improvement in the condition of her skin was instantanous and miraculous.

Earlier this year Weleda launched a new White Mallow Derma baby range*. Aimed at the most sensitive of skins; the White Mallow range contains extracts of organic White Mallow and pansy to soothe, while organic coconut oil and organic sesame oil provide intensive moisture, and has been awarded the National Eczema Association Seal of Acceptance. I was delighted to be offered the opportunity to try this range a few months back but as I was already in the middle of using another range of baby products my review has been delayed.


The White Mallow Body Lotion (200ml) is very hydrating but has a light consistency so it is perfect for dry, irritated skin. I tended to use this just once a day, after my toddler’s bath, and it’s really helped to keep on top of her dry skin. We’ve had no eczema flare-ups since using this lotion too.

The Face Cream (50ml) is a little thicker than the lotion so I use this on patches of skin that need additional moisture, such as the upper arms, which are always drier. It comes in a metal tube with a screw top; the only drawback being that over time I find these tubes can develop small splits where they bend when squeezed. The screw top is also a little impractical when dealing with a wriggly toddler and I think a flip top cap would improve this product.

Onto the Nappy Cream (50ml) and this is the only product out of the range that disappointed. I was really surprised, because I haven’t seen a bad review of the nappy cream and I’ve used the Calendula version with no problem, but this cream really stung my daughter’s bottom when I applied it. I imagine there is an ingredient that she is sensitive to as it’s the first time I’ve heard of anyone’s little one having an adverse reaction, but Weleda have been great – arranging for a pre-paid envelope so I can return the cream for their Quality Control Department to check and sending out a Calendula Cream as a replacement.


The White Mallow range is fragrance free but naturally has it’s own faint and delicate aroma. I do personally prefer the smell of the Calendula lotion but I imagine for babies with a more sensitive skin the White Mallow range would be preferential as it contains no essential oils which, in some people, can cause sensitivity.

I’m still a massive fan of Weleda’s baby ranges; despite the nappy rash causing discomfort, which to be honest can occasionally happen with any product. I’m so glad that in my search for a solution to my daughter’s dry skin I discovered a brand whose products I can use long term and that are natural, skin-friendly and have long-lasting results. Having used Weleda both personally and on my daughter’s skin, I cannot recommend their products highly enough, especially for babies and children whose skin is so delicate and can react to products laden with harsh chemicals and mineral oils.

The Weleda White Mallow Baby Derma range contains a body lotion, nappy change cream and face cream, prices vary between £8.95 and £11.95. It can be purchased from the Weleda website as well as through a number of independent health stores and high street retailers. Although it is a little pricier than some other brands on the market, it’s definitely worth every penny for the effective results and peace of mind that using a natural range brings!

Have you tried any Weleda products for yourself or your family?

*PR Sample

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