Yes To Tomatoes

Today I have another review I’ve had in the pipeline and have been meaning to bring to you for quite a while. Yes To is a natural skincare brand based in San Francisco, USA, that I was first introduced to when I received their Cucumber Facial Wipes in my April Birchbox. I’m not normally a fan of facial wipes to be perfectly honest but with their natural formula and the way the wipes gently but effectively removed my makeup my head was turned – I definitely had to explore more from this brand. So I went on a little splurge to see what else I could find!


Part of the result of my shopping spree was the Yes To Tomatoes Cleanser and Moisturiser; aimed at oily, acne-prone skin. In this range Yes To have combined a number of ingredients renowned for their success in treating acne, including Ginger Root and Bisabolol to soothe irritated skin, Salicylic Acid which aids in the process of exfoliation, and antioxident-rich Tomatoes.

Tomatoes are really the magic ingredient in the range; the acidity found in their juice helps to dry the skin and tighten pores, reducing and clearing up acne. Additionally they are a rich source of vitamin A and vitamin C (both used in most over the counter and prescription acne medications) and vitamin K. It really is no wonder that Yes To, who’s aim is the production of affordable, natural and sustainable products that work and make people feel good, have utilised these amazing fruits to produce a skincare range!


The Yes to Tomatoes Daily Clarifying Cleanser (90ml, £6.99) is a very gentle facial wash, which maintains your skin’s pH balance whilst removing excess oils and impurities, leaving behind skin that feels comfortably refreshed. The formula is 96% natural and free from Petroleum, SLS, & Parabens.

This wash foamed very gently and left my skin feeling thoroughly cleansed but not taut or dry. It really helped to calm my redness and breakouts, and with continued use my spots became fewer and further between.


Yes to Tomatoes Daily Balancing Moisturiser (50ml, £11.99) is a surprisingly rich, yet non-greasy moisturiser. Rich in antioxidants and powerful sebum (acne-causing oil) absorbers, it moisturises and balances, helping to keep breakouts at bay and your complexion clear. This formulation is 99% natural and like the cleanser is Petroleum, SLS and Paraben Free.

I find that many moisturisers aimed at oily, acne prone skins are gels or very light lotions and often they don’t feel adequately hydrating (n.b. ironically oily skins are often dehydrated skins)! The Yes To Tomatoes Moisturiser made a welcome change and I didn’t feel like I was compromising moisturisation for the sake of using a lotion that wasn’t going to make me break out.

As well as being kind on your pocket everything in the Yes To range is Cruelty-free so you can use the products entirely guilt free. Available now in Boots stores nationwide the range is easy to find and i’m so glad the brand found its way across the pond and into our shops!

Have you tried any Yes To products?

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15 thoughts on “Yes To Tomatoes

    • Helen says:

      It’s lovely – I find a lot of ranges for spot-prone skin, particularly at the more budget end of the market, can be astringent. These are gentle and would be great for teenagers with their fresh packaging and decent price tag.

  1. Kaily says:

    I love this brand 🙂 The only Yes to Tomatoes item I’ve tried yet though is the shower gel and it’s soo nice 🙂 They add watermelon to the scent. LOVE it.

  2. Catherine Dream says:

    You can get it in Boots now?! That sounds awesome.

    I would actually really love to try the Cucumber Wipes, since you’ve said they’re gentle AND manage to remove make-up…

  3. Ashley-Anna says:

    Just got the Yes To Tomatoes skin care set (pore scrub, moisturizer, and spot roll on). So far haven’t seen much of a difference, but I need to give it more time. Hope it works!

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