My Week – Autumn’s in The Air

Hello Beauties and welcome to my weekly run-down. I’m happy to report my Mojo has been found and I’ve been in a much more upbeat mood, despite Hurricane Gonzalo beating a path to our door at the start of the week! So what’s been happening in my blogosphere?

On Monday it was the usual routine of nursery followed by playgroup. Happily more people turned up this week so it wasn’t a wasted afternoon! I also took delivery of my Ocado order so all my cupboards were restocked, as well as the all important wine rack!


Tuesday was a pretty lousy day weather-wise, thanks to Hurricane Gonzalo passing through, although it wasn’t half as bad as the reporters would have us imagine and I managed to escape the worst on the school run. My Birchbox order arrived; armed with some points I’d treated myself to the new Benefit Majorette blusher I’d been lusting after and a Cattier face mask. As I’d hoped the Majorette blush was gorgeous and definitely worthy of its own blog post. Keep your eyes peeled over the next week or two! My So Susan Lacquer Love box also came via Hermes.

I published my Bloggers Snail Mail post on Wednesday; a little later than i’d intended. If it’s something that interests you there is apparently another round taking place in November – I’ll definitely be participating again and highly recommend it! While C was at nursery I took advantage of the peace to take lots of blog photos and made a start on some new posts.

I was in a baking mood on Thursday so armed with some ripe bananas and an enthusiastic toddler, together we baked a banana loaf. I published my review of  Weleda’s White Mallow range.


I am a member of a lovely beauty group on Facebook and we recently took part in a Secret Swap. On Friday we were finally permitted to open our parcels. Mine was jam-packed full of amazing goodies including Molton Brown, L’Occitane, Philosophy to name just a few. I was over the moon and in awe at my Swap Buddy’s huge generousity! Today’s blog was about the fantastic Yes To Tomatoes range.

We met up with a friend on Saturday over at Hebden Bridge where we had a huge pub lunch then a walk along the canal. C enjoyed seeing the barges and playing on the park. The long walk must have tired her out as she fell asleep on the way home which is a rarity these days. While out my Fuschia prize and L’Occitane order arrived.


On Sunday, despite the clocks going back, we were still blessed with a reasonable get up at just after 7am. Judging by Facebook most parents of small children were up at 5am so I felt quite smug. My parents came to visit us for the afternoon but sadly I was developing a bad cold I woke up with another cold (It’s literally only 2 weeks since I got over my last one) and wasn’t feeling great. Nevertheless we had a nice walk through Towneley Park, where Autumn has definitely arrived, and a tasty pub lunch. I didn’t feel like blogging but luckily my writing binge earlier in the week came in useful and I was able to publish the Nip + Fab review I’d already prepared.

C’s off nursery for a week now due to half term, so it means I’ll have to find some activities to keep her busy. I’m glad I managed to get some back-up posts written as, without having the mornings free, no doubt blogging will take a back seat.

I hope you’ve all had a great week! As always please feel free to comment below; letting me know what you’ve been up to!

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