Nails of The Day – Hallowe’en Manicure

I haven’t painted my nails in over a week and I’m currently suffering from flu so in an attempt to cheer myself up last night I decided to do a very quick manicure using Hallowe’en themed colours.

I’m not hugely into Hallowe’en or dressing up but as my Twitter and Instagram feeds are full of Hallowe’en inspired nails and makeup tutorials I thought I really should make the effort (even if due to the flu it is only half-arsed)!


I decided to use Black Mesh Crackle from China Glaze, over a base of Nails Inc Manchester. I know crackle effect polishes have somewhat fallen out of fashion but used over the right coloured base I think they can still look fun and effective and, best of all, are so easy to do – perfect when you’re feeling poorly.

Manchester from Nails Inc is a lovely deep red with a gold glitter running through it. I find that the glitter makes it much easier to apply than a solid red polish and I always get a lovely streak free finish in just two coats. I don’t think Manchester is available anymore, which is a shame as it applies like a dream!



Using the Black Mesh Crackle over the top really transforms the base colour and gives you a very vampy effect. The crackle polish is a great idea if you want a gothic look but feel solid black nails would be too harsh or unflattering – I’m really impressed at how this worked out.

Have you given your nails a Hallowe’en themed manicure?

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