Memebox CutiePieMarzia Collaboration #2

Memebox just love their collaborations with YouTube sensations and anyone who follows this superb Korean Beauty Box company will have noticed quite a glut recently (Coffee Break With Dani, Lisa Pullano, Vagabond Youth to name a few); it was inevitable I would take the plunge and get at least one.



The box I opted for was Memebox CutiePieMarzia #2, still available here, for no other reason than it looked cute. I’m not a follower of Vloggers (I’d much rather read a blog than watch someone on YouTube) so I had no idea who she was, although Google has since told me that CutiePieMarzia (or Marzia Bisognin) is a UK-based Italian YouTube fashion & beauty vlogger with over 4,300,000 subscribers.

I was expecting this box to ship sooner because the email stated that shipping started the next day, but that was a month ago and it transpired shipping was 23rd October. This was more of a mild annoyance than a real issue as anyone who gets Memeboxes will be aware that most are preordered and ship 6 – 8 weeks later.

So here I am with the excitedly anticipated box finally in my hands – what then, I can hear you ask, is inside?


TONYMOLY Red Appletox Honey Cream (80ml, $12)
Made from vitamin-rich red apple and deeply nourishing honey, Tonymoly’s famous Red Appletox Honey Cream is a daily facial cream with a unique honey-like texture. The bouncy, hydrating gel cream stretches when patted on, giving the skin a massage effect as well as a silky finish. It has a lovely fresh apple scent.

As well as uniquely effective products Tonymoly is famed for cute packaging and this doesn’t disappoint with its apple shaped container. I’ll definitely be finding a use for this pot after I’ve used the cream!

THEYEON Jeju Hallabong Energy Mild All-in-one Serum (100ml, $20)
The Jeju Hallabong Energy Mild All-in-One Serum is infused with a fruit salad of ingredients like kiwi, broccoli and aloe vera; but the star ingredient is a special type of orange that is only cultivated in the Jeju Island. This juicy fruit is loaded with vitamin C and, when combined with the other ingredients, will replenish, soften and protect skin. It’s like an essence, emulsion and serum in one!

Applied morning and night onto cleansed skin the liquid-y serum is absorbed in seconds, leaving a light yet undetectable film that holds moisture in.

SHARA SHARA Petit Friend Matte Lip Crayon PK01 Pure Pink (3g, $11)
This auto-type lip crayon (it reminds me of a Clinique Chubby Stick) glides smoothly onto lips, leaving a highly moist and supple yet soft and silky finish. The available colours range from natural nudes to hot pinks and bright oranges, and I was pleased to get a very wearable baby pink shade.

SHARA SHARA Triple Shine Color Shadow 01 Pink White (2g, $15)
This Triple Shine Color Shadow palette contains 3 different shades, including a base colour, highlighter and definer, meaning with just the one little palette you can achieve a complete look. The shadow is infused with fine pearls that adhere well for a long-lasting, silky finish. The packaging is adorable!

CHEEK ROOM Lip Balm Clover 05 Cherry Clover (12g, $12)
Cheek Room’s Lip Balm Clover is a true multi-player; not only moisturising dry, chapped lips but also plumping them out. The olive oil, shea butter, and jojoba oil formula works to nourish and protect as well.

REVECEN Face Control Foundation #002 Violet 17g ($22)
This unique Face Control Foundation is a violet colour and looks quite scary to be honest. We are assured however that it works to cover up skin imperfections and control dull, yellow skin tone for a more refined, evenly balanced, and healthier-looking finish. It contains natural preservatives such as green tea extracts and magnolia extracts, promising to be gentle and suitable for all skin types.

Having never tried a colour correcting foundation and being a little dubious this was the first product to be tested – simply put it was a revelation! The parma-violet colour soon blended my sallow complexion away, neutralising the yellow tones and making my face look fresh.


As I ordered my box in the first week I was eligible for a bonus mystery gift. Mine was the Dr MJ Box Tox Control Cream, a lovely light, yet deeply hydrating cream containing Bee Venom. The formula is supposed to stimulate collagen product and promote cell repair, as the skin is tricked into believing it has been stung. Very interesting!

As always with Memebox there is a contents card enclosed which lists all the products and descriptions in English so you don’t need to worry if your Korean is non-existant! The total value of this box, excluding the free gift, comes to $92 which for $23 is excellent, and I love the selection of intriguing, yet completely usable products.


Memebox ships to around 50 destinations worldwide direct from Korea at a cost of $6.99 (approx £4.20) for UK standard shipping, which is quoted at taking between 10 and 2 days. However after shipping there are no further customs charges or taxes! Unlike a subscription based box service there is no ongoing commitment with Memebox;  you can buy as few or as many boxes as you like.

You can browse all of Memebox’s collections in their online store and if you see a box that takes your fancy use my exclusive coupon code OCKHMD at checkout to get $5 off any $30 spend!

Did you get the CutiePieMarzia box? What did you think of the contents?

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