My Week – Best Forgotten

I was in two minds today as to whether to publish my usual weekly catch up post. In all honesty last week was a bit of a write-off; it had been half-term so I’d hoped to take C on a few outings but instead I ended up being really ill, spending the majority of the week feeling sorry for myself. There were some highlights however so I thought I’d stick to my blogging schedule, and I promise to keep moaning to a minimum!


It was the start of the half term holidays on Monday, but as the cold I came down with on Sunday was lingering we stayed in and baked buns. My All About Lips Memebox arrived, which was a nice surprise as apart from a tracking number I had no idea which box was on its way!

Still poorly on Tuesday and the only outing was a walk to Chip Shop for dinner. I had an email to say I’d been selected to review some Meaningful Beauty Products as part of Birchbox’s Blogger programme. I also found out that I had won a bespoke Advent Calender courtesy of Kat at Tales of A Pale Face blog, which I was over the moon about, particularly as this year I haven’t bought one of the many beauty advent calenders that have been vying for my attention! In a vain attempt to get into the spirit of Hallowe’en I painted my nails in vampy colours.

In the early hours of Wednesday morning I awoke with ear-ache and spent a couple of hours in agony until the painkillers kicked in. My ever suffering husband used his last day of holiday to stay off work and look after C. He took her to a Halloween party in the morning while I recuperated, then in the afternoon we went out for lunch. I was still feeling rough but it was good to get out for a little while. A little ray of light in my otherwise dismal day was finding out I was a runner-up in an ESPA blogging competition and had won a Liz Earle competition. I had also been chosen as a Holland & Barrett Good Life Insider which as yet I know very little about.


I was still feeling awful on Thursday (my cold has become Sinusitis) so we stayed at home – I see a pattern developing. C was very good and knowing I was ill entertained herself quite happily. We carved some little pumpkins in the afternoon and later went to one of her friend’s Birthday party at a soft play area.

Friday was another rubbish day; I keep feeling a little better and attempt to do something only to find it completely wipes me out and I have to go to bed. We did get out to the shops as we had some essentials like nappies and milk to get but when we got home I ended up having a lie-down before making tea. Although it was Hallowe’en and we stayed in all evening we had just two Trick or Treaters so we have tonnes of leftover sweets – next year I’ll buy chocolate as I prefer it over candy!

On Saturday I had some bumper mail including my CutiePieMarzia Memebox, a BalanceMe order and some things for my blog swap. I spent most of the day in bed and Matt relieved me of childcare duties and took C to the park. Fortunately I have a handful of blog posts in reserve so I was able to publish my Empties post.

I stayed home for much needed R&R on Sunday while hubby was on Daddy Duty again. My earache has shifted to my other ear and both of them are completely bunged up meaning I can barely hear. I’m definitely feeling like a bad mumma as I have zero energy and i’m really hoping that I’ll soon be over the worst.

So that concludes my week and one which is best forgotten I think. Today I went to the walk in surgery at my GPs and have been given antibiotics which hopefully will kick this sickness into touch and I’ll start feeling human again.. I sincerely hope your week has been better than mine and you’ve managed to avoid all the bugs that seem to do the rounds at this time of year!

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2 thoughts on “My Week – Best Forgotten

    • Helen says:

      I did 🙂 Just wish I could’ve enjoyed the week a bit more, especially for my daughter’s sake. Felt very guilty not being to take her out much!

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