Urban Veda Purifying Range

As a fan of natural skincare, certain brands are always on my radar to try. One of the brands that caught my eye earlier this year was Urban Veda. Harnessing the principles of Ayurveda, an ancient Indian health and wellbeing system, this relatively new skincare brand have a number of ranges which target specific skintypes and aim to maintain the skin’s delicate balance.

I was attracted to the Purifying range which, designed for normal to oily skin, sounded perfect for me, so when I had used up my existing skincare I knew exactly what I’d be replacing it with.


The Urban Veda Purifying range combines natural plant extracts with cold-pressed neem oil, known for its soothing, moisturising and antibacterial properties. With eucalyptus, wild mint and witch hazel, the products work to cleanse, hydrate and refresh skin, by removing impurities and supporting natural skin cell renewal.

All Urban Veda products are free from Genetically Modified ingredients, and none contain parabens, artificial colours or Sodium Lauryl Sulphate.


Urban Veda Purifying Day Cream (£14.99) – This is a light moisturiser with a gel-cream texture, whose key ingredients are cold-pressed neem oil, spearmint and witch hazel, which soothe skin, tighten pores and keep excess sebum under control. Packed full of antioxidants, the Purifying Day Cream supports healthy cell renewal and boosts your skin’s natural collagen production, leaving it naturally soft and supple. It moisturises very effectively yet leaves the skin comfortably matte.


Urban Veda Purifying Protecting Night Cream (£14.99)* – This nourishing and protective cream contains rejuvenating botanicals of cold-pressed Neem oil, healing Witch hazel and refreshing Spearmint.  Rich in phytonutrients and antioxidants, an infusion of Mulberry, Bearberry and Quassia works with collagen-boosting Arjuna extract to gently reduce excess sebum production, treat congestion, refine pores and hydrate overnight. This is the perfect antedote to a long day and upon waking skin feels fresh and glowing.


Urban Veda Purifying Facial Wash (£7.99) – With neem oil, an excellent antibacterial botanical, this facial wash helps clear blackheads and reduce excess sebum. The formula also works to reduce shine, while naturally astringent herbals help to minimise pores. Free from artificial colour and SLS, it is a clear gel which foams gently; leaving the skin clean and refreshed but without feeling stripped.

Urban Veda Purifying Facial Polish (£7.99) – This deep-cleansing facial scrub contains small pieces of pumice, which gently exfoliate and slough away dead skin cells, thereby helping to prevent pores from becoming blocked. The addition of neem, bearberry and witch hazel helps to leave skin feeling fresh and hydrated. Again this is colourless and gentle enough to use daily.



So many ranges aimed at spot-prone skin have in the past tended to be very harsh and contain chemicals known to irritate skin, so it’s very refreshing to see a handful of companies like Urban Veda taking a more holistic approach.

The Purifying collection has received rave reviews and boasts a number of accolades from Beauty Bible, Natural Health Magazine, and Free From Skincare, which is quite some feat for a company that started up just ten months ago. It’s easy to see why; the products leave your skin feeling soft and smooth, and their minty, eucalyptus scent is refreshing and uplifting. Urban Veda are definitely a brand to watch out for.

*PR Sample

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