FaceB4 Review

I was contacted recently and asked if I would trial the FaceB4 system and feature the results on my blog. Knowing how much of a concern spots and blemishes can be, even to those who have left their teenage years quite some time ago, I was definitely interested in seeing how the system faired and reviewing it for my readers.


FaceB4 is manufactured by Medichem; the people behind a number of well known brands including the very successful Makeup Revolution line. I knew my skin therefore was in safe hands, but what about the claims FaceB4 make about reducing spots, blemishes and redness?

FaceB4 is a two-step system, including an antibacterial cleanser and antibacterial serum, which boosts that its cleanser is clinically proven to be the UK’s most effective anti-bacterial facewash.

FaceB4 Face Wash

FaceB4 Serum

The FaceB4 Face Wash* produces a very soft foam which you massage into the skin for one minute, allowing the ingredients to work. It is really effective at removing grease yet doesn’t strip the skin. I really like the thoroughly cleansed feel I get, without any dryness or tautness.

The second step in the routine is the FaceB4 serum*. The serum is quite rich, which is surprising as a lot of moisturisers for spot-prone skin tend to have a gel or fluid texture, however once applied the skin feels comfortable; not too greasy and definitely hydrated. My makeup also applied really smoothly over the top.

I definitely noticed my breakouts were fewer and further between during the four weeks I used this product, and any spots I did get were very short-lived. My skin is fairly well behaved anyway but hormonal spots are usually my bugbear – with FaceB4 I definitely think these were lessened significantly.  My T Zone which is prone to oiliness was also a lot less shiny and my complexion overall looked brighter and the redness reduced.


These products are certainly effective and as far as my skin was concerned lived up to expectations. My only criticism really would be that the packaging and design is a little basic and cheap looking. I think they could be made to look a little more attractive and appealing.

And to the million dollar question, will I repurchase? This is a tricky one because, as someone in her thirties i’m really looking for a little more out of a skincare system and am stepping up my routine to encorporate more anti-aging products. That said there is nothing that says I can’t add these products into the mix somewhere and I could switch to them just before that time in the month when I get spots to help minimize the outbreak.

If I was in my teens and twenties and looking soley for a range to help keep spots and shine at bay this would be the perfect range. With two steps it’s quick and simple, encouraging a good routine that is easy to stick to day and night. It’s also gentle on the skin, something which is so important when dealing with spot prone skin.

FaceB4 Cleanser and Serum retail at £14.99 each at Boots and Superdrug stores nationwide.

Have you tried this system and if so did it work for you?

UPDATE – August 2015: You can now buy FaceB4 on the Makeup Revolution website here and as an introductory offer if you buy the cleanser they will send you the serum free of charge. That’s both steps for just £14.99!

*PR Sample

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