Nails of The Day – Nails Inc Snowflake

You know Christmas really is approaching fast when you get the urge to dig out your Nails Inc Snowflake Effect nail polish and play around with some effects!


I got hold of this very scarce polish earlier this year, when I tracked it down as part of a set from QVC. Long discontinued, I had seen used bottles of this polish selling on Ebay for more than the RRP of £12, so I was really happy to find it at a much more reasonable price.

When you look at Snowflake Kensington Church Street, it really does look like a snow storm in a bottle, with various sized pieces of glitter all vying for your attention. Nails Inc recommend you try it out over a nude shade to get the best effect but I really fancied trying it over a blue colour, and the polish that came to hand was St Johns Wood, a blue shade with a lilac hue. Here is the result:



As you can see Snowflake Kensington Church Street is a clear polish packed full of 4 different glitters; tiny holographic particles, tiny white circlular-shaped particles, white strands and large white hexagonal glitter. Its texture is slightly gloopy and to get the best distribution of glitter I found it best to dab the polish on rather than dragging the brush over the nail. Due to the sheer amount of glitter in the polish the resulting finish tends to feel a little rough, so I would recommend using a clear top coat just to finish off your manicure and give it extra shine.

I was really pleased with the overall effect and I love the way the white “snowflakes” contrast against the bright blue of St Johns Wood. This glitter polish has the ability to completely transform the base colour and I cannot wait to experiment with other shades!

Just as a side note I was really impressed by the consistency of St Johns Wood. The polish took only one coat for a fully opaque finish and was very smooth and easy to apply. The colour too is stunning, even without a glitter overlay.

You’ll be pleased to hear you won’t need to trawl the internet as I had to to find Nails Inc Snowflake Kensington Church Street as they have just relaunched this Limited Edition nail colour in their brand new, revamped packaging. Priced at £16 for 14ml you can purchase it here.


This really is a stunning, versatile nail polish and I’d highly recommend it if you’re looking for the wow factor over the festive season! The new packaging really showcases it beautifully too!

Have you tried this polish? Which colours would you wear it over?

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