Memebox Colorbox #4 Electric Brights


My latest Memeboxes to be delivered were the Colorboxes; three boxes consisting of Jewel, Pastel and Electric Bright makeup. After receiving some brilliant makeup boxes earlier in the year I had high hopes for these and at $15 each (or $30 for the set) they were cheap enough so I took the punt and ordered all three. The boxes arrived shortly before Christmas, however with the busy holiday and illness I’ve only just had the time to properly investigate the contents; the first of which is the Electric Brights box.


Vivito Vivace Color Cream 6g in Jazz Coral (RRP $32)
This is a cream eyeshadow that also doubles up as an eyeliner. Despite the name “Jazz Coral” this is actually a vivid cobalt blue colour, with a subtle shimmer. Being a cream texture this shadow has good colour payoff and I love the fact that this can be used as a liner too.


Vivito Vivace Color Cream 6g in Funky Rock Pink (RRP $32)
This is another cream shadow but this time in pink, so it also doubles up as a cheek and lip colour. This is a little more subtle than I had hoped (I was expecting a much brighter pink) and needed building up to achieve the deeper colour you see in the pot, but it does make a lovely cheek colour.


Vivito Blues Shiny Primer 30ml (RRP $34)
This is a lovely lightweight primer that leaves the skin smooth and moisturized with a dewy finish. I was a little suprised to find the box included a primer as I expected colour cosmetics only, however it’s a very welcome addition to the box and I like the texture.


Vivito White Angel Chorus Beam 30ml (RRP $34)
This is a pearly liquid highlighter that can be used as a makeup base or for mixing with foundation or BB cream. Again I really like the texture of this, however as someone who prefers a matte makeup look I doubt I’ll be using this as my makeup base. I will however use it as a highlighter as it gives the skin a really lovely glow. I imagine it will be perfect when used on the décolleté and shoulders.

The swatches:


I felt like this box had the potential to be really fun and exciting but all in all the box is quite confusing – Only one product really lived up to the “Electric Bright” label and I expected there to be more colour cosmetics. As all the items are by Vivito it feels more like a brand box than a Colorbox. Memebox could have really gone to town with this theme and shocked us with some really bold neons but the result was somewhat subdued.

Fortunately, despite not fulfilling the expections I had, the products are the saving grace as I do like, and will use, them all. They also are great value at $15 for products totalling approx. $130!

Memebox ships to around 50 destinations worldwide direct from Korea at a cost of $6.99 (approx £4.20) for UK standard shipping, which is quoted at taking between 10 and 2 days. I am yet to be hit with customs charges or taxes on any of the boxes I’ve received!

You can explore all of Memebox’s current boxes here and if you do see a box or product that takes your fancy do use my exclusive code 6XRW7T to get $5 off any $30 spend at checkout (valid until December 31st).

Here are other current Memebox promo codes:
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