Pink Parcel – January Unboxing

Every month I really look forward to my Pink Parcel, a subscription service that combines the delivery of practical sanitary items with a side order of additional treats to make that time of the month a little more bearable, all for the bargainous price of £9.95! The concept is simple; choose your brand, absorbancy and cycle date and Pink Parcel do the rest, dispatching your box just in time for your monthly.


I’m sure I don’t need to go into further details, only that the supply of 25 tampons I receive each month is always more than plenty to last the whole of my period (although Pink Parcel can give you more if required). A handful of tampons comes handily packed in a cotton bag too, perfect for popping into your handbag!

Next, and more excitingly, we have a selection of treats, which are the same across all the boxes so no arguing that someone has got a better box, and so far these have always impressed! So what do we get in January?


Richard Ward Couture Hair Silk Protein Treatment Masque (75ml, £14.50)
This luxury treatment is formulated with Hydrolyzed Silk Protein to deliver hydration and frizz-free sleekness and leave hair feeling silky-smooth, protected, and manageable.

Binky Lipstick No.7 Romance (RRP £2.95)
A gorgeous deep red lipstick enriched with Vitamin E for super soft kissable lips

Max Factor False Lash Effect 24 Hour Mascara (RRP £11.99)
This mascara delivers bold and beautifully separated lashes that are smudge resistant for 24 hours.


Flamingo Candles Parma Violets Scent Melt (RRP, £2)
These soybean scent melts are a great way to experience the delicious, evocative fragrances of Flamingo Candles. Place one in an oil/fragrance burner, along with a tealight, and watch it melt to release its goregous aroma.

Balance Activ Fresh pH Balanced Intimate Wipes (RRP £1.79)
Proven to reduce odour, these wipes leave you feeling clean and fresh and are ideally balanced at a pH of 4.5. The wipes benefit from being paraben and fragrance free and are flushable; a great idea for freshening up while travelling.

To finish off another fantastic box we have some yummy treats:


Divine Caramel Milk Chocolate (40g, £1) – This is a very generously sized mini bar of Divine fair trade chocolate. The combination of soft caramel and rich milk chocolate is heavenly!

Pukka Tea Detox Blend – This blend of tea is super tasty and with its blend of fennel and aniceed is perfect for settling an upset tummy or helping digest a rich meal.

Once again this is a fabulous box, plus the addition of the necessary sanitary products makes me feel a little less guilty when another subscription box lands on my doorstep! If you’re interested in treating yourself to a Pink Parcel you can find out more here.

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6 thoughts on “Pink Parcel – January Unboxing

  1. Mary says:

    This sounds like a great monthly treat, and a few products there that I would actually use. Signed up for next month, £5.95 for month one. x

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