Alchemy Oils Grapefruit Hair Remedy

Alchemy Oils is a new kid on the block; a British brand with a vision to create a multi-tasking hair oil that was natural and free from nasties. What they came up with was an all natural hair oil, blended using only 5 oils and containing no parabens or silicones, which could be used as a styling product as well as an intensive treatment.


The product is Grapefruit Hair Remedy* (100ml, £17.99); a nourishing blend of 5 super oils carefully selected to improve the condition of and strengthen your hair from within.

As well as Coconut, Avocado, Almond and Castor oils, which work to promote growth, thicken hair and leave a lustrous shine, as the name suggests this lightweight but ultra nourishing hair treatment is also blended with Grapefruit oil. The grapefruit not only imparts a beautifully fresh and zingy scent but also fights dandruff and keeps your scalp healthy.


The texture of the Hair Remedy is a dream, with no silicones or unnecessary ingredients to weigh hair down this beautifully light oil is pure goodness in a bottle and I think the results speak for itself. Used on wet hair before drying, and in place of my usual silicone-based serum, my hair felt softer and looked glossier. My recent hair colour has also lasted much longer than normal, with minimal fading, which is testament to how well this oil nourishes the hair and protects it against daily aggressors such as heat styling, pollution and hard water. With hair that has a tendency to get oily and easily overloaded by product, I require just a few drops of Grapefruit Hair Remedy, but those with dry or damaged hair may want to use a little more or even use it as an intensive overnight treatment. I’m really looking forward to using this in summer and on holiday, when my hair is exposed to chlorine and salt water as well as harsh sunshine and humidity. I can already envisage it being a life-saver!

Another aspect I must mention is the amazing scent, which is uplifting, reviving and perfect for those mornings when you’re feeling sluggish. Also the packaging, reminiscent of a vintage apocathary bottle, is wonderful. The only downside I found is that it is quite tricky to dispense a small amount of oil because the opening is quite wide, but perhaps that’s just my heavy-handedness! Alongside the full size product I’d love to see Alchemy Oils sell a smaller version too, perhaps in a more practical bottle that would make it suitable for travel.

Grapefruit Hair Remedy is formulated for all types of hair. Whether you have fine, thick, dry, greasy, frizzy or even afro hair, this oil is the perfect product for all your hair needs and it is definitely a product i’m happy to have take centre stage in haircare regime. You can find out more about Alchemy Oils and buy the Hair Remedy here.

*PR Sample

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