New Year, New Me – Getting Healthier in 2015!

Over Christmas I was really ill and it hit home that i’d neglected myself recently and I really needed to get fit and healthy again. I know it’s often easier said than done and that so many New Year resolutions fall by the wayside, but I am committed and have already begun making significant changes including signing up to my local Xercise4less gym, which I’m super excited about because I used to be quite a gym bunny before my little one came along – even working out right through my pregnancy!

So what else is going to help me achieve my goal of getting healthy in 2015?


Drinking teapigs Matcha – January is the month of the teapigs Matcha Challenge and I’ve taken up the gauntlet of drinking teapigs Matcha every day for 2 weeks. Supercharged with antioxidents Matcha is green tea on steriods and i’m hoping I will really see some benefits! It tastes surprisingly nice too so drinking it won’t be too much of a chore, unlike standard green tea which I’ve always forced myself to drink!


Detoxing with SlenderToxTea – I’ve just received a 14 day pack of SlenderToxTea which I will shortly be trialling. This 100% natural tea is designed to detox and cleanse, as well as shift those stubborn love-handles. I’m excited to combine this with a healthier diet as I’ve seen some amazing ‘before and after’ photos of people who have used the tea, and of course I will report back with an in depth review!


Taking Supplements – A good multivitamin and mineral supplement will ensure I get all the vitamins and trace elements I need to stay healthy. Obviously this is no substitute for a balanced diet, but with scientists telling us that our intensively farmed crops contain fewer nutrients than before I’d rather err on the side of caution and add a multivitamin into my diet. Probiotics will also ensure my gut-flora stays healthy, and during the colder months additional Vitamin C and Zinc will help keep colds at bay. A must when my toddler keeps bringing home germs from nursery! Holland & Barrett is my go to for vitamins and supplements as they have a huge range.


Eating Superfoods – I’m aiming to improve my diet by adding more berries and green leafy vegetables into the mix. Throwing a few Chia seeds and Linseeds into my porridge and any baking I do will also boost the Omega 3 content, which should result in glowing skin and glossier hair. Linseed is also a great way to increase the fibre content of your food and has been found to help IBS sufferers.

After a week of going to the gym and healthier eating I’m already buzzing and have a more positive outlook. My Mojo is well and truly back and I can’t wait to see how I’m feeling and looking in a month or two!

Have you embarked on a healthier 2015? I’d love to hear what changes you’re making in your life. And if you’ve tried any of the products I’ve mentioned please let me know how you got on!

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