Nanshy 4 in 1 Makeup Blending Sponge



I must hold my hands up and admit that I’ve never really got into using foundation sponges; partly due to laziness and partly due to never quite getting the hang of them. I’ve heard however that using the right foundation sponge is a makeup game-changer so I was eager to try the Marvel 4 in 1 Makeup Blending Sponge* from Nanshy.

The Nanshy Marvel 4 in 1 sponge is ergonomically designed to be both easy to use and multi-tasking; its fine tip is perfect for blending in corners and contouring around nose and eyes, whilst the rounded bottom is suited for blending larger areas of the face, and stippling on your foundation. Indented at the waist the sponge is also very easy to grip, and the wide bottom means that it sits upright, ideal when drying.

The latex-free, hypoallergenic sponge is very soft and the micro-pore formulation allows the sponge to stay damp while grabbing just the right amount of make-up. This dampening of the sponge is essential as I found out. Use the sponge dry and it will soak up the foundation.

Finally after use the sponge is very easy to clean; simply lather it up with a makeup brush cleanser and, using a squeezing motion, rinse clean in running water. Towel dry then allow to air dry.



So what’s my verdict?

Applied using the sponge my foundation looked incredibly flawless and I was incredibly impressed with the smooth, almost airbrushed finish, although I must admit I found it felt a little strange to begin with. The sponge was great for applying my concealer too and blended the two seamlessly. So far I’ve only tried it with my foundation and concealer, but I’m looking forward to trying it with different types of foundation, as well as seeing how it works with my BB Creams and cream blushers! I’m sure, as I get to grips with application, using the sponge will soon become second nature and I can definitely see now why people rave about foundation sponges!

My only slight criticism would be the lack of instructions in the packaging – as a blending sponge novice I had to Google how to use the product which isn’t ideal – but other than that I love the sponge and its sturdy, well designed packaging.

Priced at £5.95 the Nanshy 4 in 1 Makeup Blending Sponge is tremendous value, especially compared with similar products out there, and the quality is exceptional. Nanshy is a British brand and all their products, including their extensive range of highly praised synthetic brushes, are cruelty-free.


You can find out more about Nanshy as well as browse their online store here.

How do you apply your foundation? Have you used this product or a similar one? Please do share your experiences by commenting below.

*PR Sample

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