Signature Fragrances

Signature Fragrances London is a company founded by two friends, Solomon and Yinka, with a passion for perfumery. All the perfumes they produce are at an indulgent Pure Parfum strength, and unlike eau de parfum or eau de toilette they contain little to no alcohol. Just highly concentrated perfume oils that result in a longer lasting scent. Expect your perfume to last from dawn to dusk!


LURRE* (6ml, £37) is the first scent I tried – sweet and floral yet with a modern twist I fell in love with it instantly and was incredibly impressed with its staying power.

Sweet yet sophisticated, Lurre exudes the sweet, distinct notes of strawberry and vanilla, but sets them against a contrasting backdrop of spicy amber and golden musk accents. This adds a lovely depth to what would otherwise be a very sweet, feminine scent.

This is the ultimate summer scent and I can definitely imagine myself wearing a floaty summer dress and leaving this beautiful fragrance in my wake.


Top notes: Rose, Strawberry. Heart: Vanilla, Honeysuckle and Musk. Base notes: Amber and Golden Musk.

The second sample I recieved is DÉJÀ VU* (6ml, £37). Again this is quite a sweet scent, but with deeper, spicier notes.

With caramel, vanilla and coconut notes this fragrance is perfect for those who love all things gourmand. Sweetly delectable, the addition of amber lends this scent a warm, spicy edge and again prevents the perfume from being too cloying.

This perfume is particular suited to autumn and winter when our thoughts drift to cosy evenings in, with warming mugs of hot chocolate and crackling log fires.


Top notes: Caramel. Heart: Red Amber and Coconut. Base notes: Amber and Vanilla.

Due to the pure oil formulas these scents have the most incredible staying power of any perfume I’ve ever worn and are so intense you need only the smallest dab on your pulse-points. So whilst £37 for 6ml may seem pricy bear in mind that these are scents you won’t need to reapply during the day because they’ve faded. These fragrances are in it for the long haul and will still smell as fresh as the second you dabbed them on, long after your feet are danced out and you’re hailing the mini-cab home!

Although I received sample vials, full sized Signature Fragrances scents are housed in the most exquisite, multi-faceted cut-glass bottles I’ve ever laid eyes on! The perfumes too are so unique, you can be sure to turn heads and receive compliments when wearing one. I’m definitely going to be investing in a full sized bottle – the only difficulty will be deciding which one!

You can explore the full Signature Fragrances range here.

*PR Sample

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5 thoughts on “Signature Fragrances

  1. Belinda says:

    Ordered a couple of samples, I don’t usually hold perfume very well, fragrance normally fades more or less straight away, so interested if the fragrance will last.

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