The teapigs Matcha Challenge

When teapigs invited me to take their Matcha Challenge I jumped on board. I’d already decided 2015 was going to be the year when I got fit, then illness over the festive season compounded the necessity. As soon as I was feeling better I hit the gym for the first time in three years and also embarked on my daily Matcha* shot.


What is Matcha I hear you ask? Matcha is super-concentrated green tea powder that’s packed with antioxidants and nutrients. Once a ceremonial beverage drunk by buddhist monks and royalty for over 900 years, Matcha is now prized in the west for its numerous health benefits. teapigs premium grade, organic Matcha comes from the renowned Nishio region in japan, where the tea leaves are grown under cover to produce lots of amino acids and chlorophyll. The leaves are dried and very slowly ground by granite to a very fine powder, which is then packed and sealed immediately, so as to lock in all the nutrients in. Matcha contains 137 times the antioxidants of standard green tea and 70 time more than orange juice, plus 9 times the beta carotene of spinach – teapigs really aren’t joking when they call this stuff “supercharged”!

So how does Matcha taste? In all honesty I braced myself. I love all sorts of tea but have never really enjoyed green tea, so I wasn’t convinced I’d enjoy Matcha very much and that it would take a lot of experimenting to find a combination that I found palatable! I was incredibly surprised however; it tasted completely unlike any green tea I’ve ever had before, with a pleasant green, spinachy flavour. In fact after my shot, which I had cold, I was buzzing! Not in a “I’ve just had 8 coffees” kind of way, but In a “wow, that was GOOD” way. I felt refreshed, energized and already looking forward to my next shot.

Matcha and orange juice

Porridge with seeds and matcha

Matcha is so easy to use; simply add 1g (half a teaspoon) to your chosen drink and whisk vigorously. I have my Matcha shot cold, but you can have it warm or even mix the powder with juices, milk or smoothies, which will add a delicate green tea flavour as well as an interesting green tinge! I tried it in my fresh orange juice and actually found I preferred it to plain orange juice as it seemed to take away some of the acidity. You can even add Matcha to your porridge or bake green tea cupcakes with it!

I’m really enjoying the Matcha Challenge and I’m definitely feeling the benefits in terms of energy. It’s too early to say if it’s helped with any weightloss or shifting my muffin-top but i’ll definitely be continuing with my daily Matcha! You can buy Matcha direct from the teapigs website, with prices starting from £25 for 30g tin (approx 30 servings).

If you happen to be in London teapigs are launching the UK’s first ever matcha pop-up bar in Shoreditch from the 27th January – 1st February 2015. If you’re a fan of this green, powdered super tea or want to know more you can go along to discover lots of matcha treats including matcha bread, matcha biscotti, and even matcha kit kats, but of course centre stage will belong to this amazing drink itself!

Have you tried Matcha? I’d love to hear if you have any interesting ways to use Matcha!

*PR Sample

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