Lush Boxing Day Haul


I can’t say I’m really into the Boxing Day sales but one exception has to be the Lush sale, which happens online for one day only!

It would appear everyone else loves this sale too and I had to battle though the extremely glitchy Lush website in the hope of bagging a few bargains. Once I managed to get on, rather than umm and ahh over individual products, I quickly chose some of their lovely gift sets (emphasis on the word quick there – everything was selling like hot cakes) and checked out!

So what did I get in my haul?

The first set I picked up is Santa Claus Is Coming To Town (originally £33.95), choc-full of Lush’s most exciting festive products. The box is lovely; a little house that comes with stickers so you can make your own scene. I’ll definitely put this away for next year and refill it for my little one (who has become a bit of a Lush addict like her mummy)!



Butterbear Bath Bomb – This has a subtle sweet vanilla scent (the same as the Butterball Bath Bomb) and contains skin softening cocoa butter so it is ideal for dry, sensitive skins.

Dashing Santa Bath Bomb – We got one of these bath bombs as a stocking filler for our little one and she loved the sweet, fruity scent from the mandarin, bergamot and orange flower oils.

Snow Angel Bath Melt – I bought this pretty Angel shaped bath melt before Christmas and both myself and my toddler loved bathing in the soft, marzipan scented water. I’m really glad to have another.

Holly Golightly Bubble Bar – Back when the Christmas range launched and I visited the Preston store the staff enthusiastically demonstrated this extremely festive bubble bar. I didn’t buy it however and instantly regretted it, so I was extremely happy to get one inside this set (even though a Christmas pudding looks slightly out of place mid-January)! The silver glitter hides a gorgeous deep green core, which when crumbled under running water provides masses of festive bubbles as well as colourful bath water! The scent, which comprises of patchouli oil, persian lime oil, clove leaf oil and sweet orange oil, is warm, spicy and quite strong so I will probably get 3-4 baths out of this!

So White Shower Gel – This shower gel made its debut for the 2014 holiday season. It has a crisp apple scent with a fruity note, and a hint of shimmer. Shock horror, I actually prefer it to the cult Snow Fairy Shower Gel, which I find a little too sweet!

Golden Wonder Bath Bomb – One of Lush’s Christmas classics, the fragrance is an uplifting blend of sweet orange, lime and cognac oils. The magic this works in the water that makes it extraordinary; turning it the most beautiful sea-blue colour with a gorgeous golden shimmer and little gold stars floating around you.

Reindeer Rock Soap – This has a gorgeous berry scent and looks great with its reindeer design, inspired by ancient Scandinavian cave paintings. The silver shimmer against the deep red core is lovely and festive too!

Snowman Shower Jelly – Unimpressive as this looks in the pot this unfolds into a wonderfully cute snowman. A strange concept you just split this jelly into chunks and lather them up!

The next set I got is the Best Wishes gift box (original price £13.25). Filled with three limited edition items that are inspired by the Christmas season, this set will whisk you away to your very own winter wonderland.



Cinders Bath Bomb – Inspired by cozy, crackling fires, the Cinders bath bomb will ease tired muscles with its blend of warming cinnamon and soothing almond oil. The addition of sweet orange oil gives this fizzer its sweet and spicy scent, and the surprise ingredient of popping candy simulates the sound of a roaring fire!

Hot Toddy Shower Gel – With a combination of clove leaf, patchouli, ginger and cinnamon leaf oils, just like its namesake, this shower gel is the perfect winter warmer. The addition of lime and sweet orange oil add a little balance, keeping it fresh. This is the ideal pick me up on these cold winter mornings!

So White Bath Bomb – This bath bomb has a crisp apple scent with floral notes from the blend of bergamot oil, rose absolute, orange flower absolute, and neroli oil. The rather unassuming white exterior fizzes away to reveal a bright pink core!

The third set I got is the very girly Snow Fairy Gift Set (original price £21.95), which unsurprisingly contains a bundle of the popular Snow Fairy scented products.



Snow Fairy Shower Gel 100ml – This is probably Lush’s most popular product every year and it does smell lovely, however I find its sweet candy scent a little cloying and I prefer my shower gels to have a fresher scent.

Snow Fairy Sparkle – The next product is the box is a shimmer bar which, unsurprisingly, smells of Snow Fairy! Made with shea, murmuru and cupuacu butters this melts over your skin, leaving behind a lovely shimmer.

Magic Wand Bubble Bar – This is another Snow Fairy-fragranced product, this time in the form of a reusable ‘wand’ designed to fill your tub with an abundance of candy-scented bubbles.

Godmother Soap – This is designed for use by your kitchen sink, whenever you need to wash your hands. It looks rather unexciting but is delightfully scented.

The final set I ordered in the sale was Star of Wonder (original price £25.95). Themed around firework displays and a starry sky and containing 6 products it cames in a rather wonderful star shaped box and sounded amazing! Sadly the Lush website allowed too many people to order this item, but they advised that they were making fresh stock and would still honour the orders. Three weeks later however, and despite assurances that I was still getting this set, when my order arrived it was missing and instead I received a refund.  The lack of communication regarding this issue was very disappointing.

As an apology for the whole debacle Lush threw in a lovely Cosy Christmas set (£18.95) free of charge, containing a Hot Toddy Shower Gel, Snowman Shower Jelly, Celebrate Body Lotion, Snowcake Soap, and all wrapped up in a festive print Knot Wrap.



This was a very kind gesture from Lush although it didn’t completely excuse the delay, the lack of communication, and the misinformation that customers received. I just hope that lessons are learnt from this and that Lush have more robust processes in place going forward to ensure that these mistakes aren’t repeated. Still, I’m really pleased with my purchases; they were an absolute steal and beautifully packaged!

Did you bag any bargains in the Lush sale? I’d love to hear what you got so do leave a comment below!

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