Lush Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day around the corner Lush have launched their latest products to appeal to all the romantics out there! I had already had a peek at the range a few weeks ago and picked up one of their beautiful heart-shaped bubble bars, but the one item I really wanted had sold out in record time. As soon as it was restocked of course it was at the top of my list, along with a couple of other items.


A psychedelic collection of yellows, pinks, purples and turquoises, embellished with candy stars and silver lustre, the Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar (£3.25) is one of the most gorgeous looking bubble bars to come from Lush and the one I was determined to get my hands on. Originally released to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Lush International Covent Garden store, this bubble bar has excitedly made a reappearance in Lush’s 2015 Valentine’s Day range.

Sharing it’s scent with the recent Christmas Hedgehog Bubble Bar and the very popular Noriko Soap, this bubble bar has a delicately sweet and lightly fragranced lavender aroma, that will work wonders as a treat to help you relax before bed. Its design too is simply stunning!


Another super pretty product making an appearance in the 2015 collection is the Floating Flower Bath Bomb (£3.50). Designed to look like a flower this multi-layered bath bomb fizzes away to reveal a rainbow of colours. It has a soothing scent of jasmine and ylang ylang, which helps to relax the mind and ease away any troubles.


The final product I picked up is beautiful Sex Bomb (£3.35). With its heady fragrance of jasmine which is an ancient aphrodisiac, ylang ylang to soothe worries and clary sage to clear the mind, this bath bomb will soon have you relaxed and feeling in the mood.

Sitting atop this generously sized pink and purple bath bomb is a little rose and this is such a gorgeously feminine bath bomb, I just had to have it. Even though this bath bomb isn’t part of the Valentine’s range it really fits the theme so it’s definitely worth popping in your basket if you’re buying some Valentine’s treats!

The lovely folk at Lush also sent me some skincare samples which I’m eager to try.

Dark Angels Exfoliating Scrub, Enzymion Moisturiser, Breath of Fresh Air Toner

Have you picked up any of the Valentine’s range yet?

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