Hand Chemistry Intense Youth Complex

When Clinique discontinued my favourite anti-aging hand cream, the only cream I’d found that was truely effective at banishing the crepey skin on the back of my hands, I was massively disappointed. So when I was introduced to Hand Chemistry Intense Youth Complex (thank you Lookfantastic beauty box!) I felt a huge surge of excitement. Could this be the hand cream I’d been looking for?

Certainly it sounded like it was, making some impressive claims that it could improve skin texture in just 10 days, but as the saying goes the proof of the pudding is in the eating and Hand Chemistry had a lot to live up to.



Hand Chemistry Intense Youth Complex from Deciem contains a whopping 19.5 per cent active ‘youth complex’ ingredients that together target the eight signs of ageing (firmness, elasticity, density, evenness, brightness, texture, smoothness and hydration). With Biological GHK, a copper peptide which stimulates collagen production and has been found to reduce wrinkles by 15 per cent in 15 days, and a mushroom derivative which is 400 times more moisturising than the much-lauded hyaluronic acid the formula certainly sounds impressive. Add to the mix an algae ferment which increases skin’s moisture content by 11 per cent in just 12 hours and Plantago Lanceolata which helps to lighten bright spots and you’re left thinking if this can’t give you smoother, younger looking hands surely nothing will!

The cream has quite a thick, balm-like consistency however it quickly sinks in and leaves skin that feels supple and hydrated yet non-greasy, making it perfect to use anytime during the day. After application my skin immediately looked brighter and plumper and the crepey texture vanished, I was definitely impressed. This softness and the smooth appearance also lasted, even after hand washing. To top it off the cream has a luscious fruity, sweet scent that just makes me want to slather it on at every available opportunity!


A 100ml tube of Hand Chemistry Intense Youth Complex retails at £19 (online and in selected high street) stockists so it’s by no means the cheapest hand cream out there, but is it worthy of its price tag? I think so! The short and long term improvement to my skin, just by applying this twice daily, is astonishing and I’ll definitely be recommending the cream to anyone who will listen!

Have you tried the Hand Chemistry Intense Youth Complex? Are there any other hand creams you would recommend for aging skin?

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