Madame LA LA Tan

With the warmer weather still a couple of months away there are only two options if you want your skin to glow; either jetting off to sunnier climes or faking it. My preference of course would always be for the former but as I’m not a millionaire i’ll settle for the latter. I’ve been trying two very different fake tans over the last couple of weeks, both of which will feature in their own post, and the first i’m reviewing is from a new British-American skincare brand Madame LA LA.


Madame LaLa was totally new to me until very recently, when I was sent their Madame LA LA Tan LIGHT* to trial. Cruelty-free and with a formula that is free of petrochemicals, alcohol, talc, parabens and artificial fragrance, this sounded like the perfect way to banish dull, pale skin and a great alternative to harmful sunbeds.

Madame LA LA Tan LIGHT (200ml, £36) is a lightweight tanning mousse that provides instant colour which develops into an even sun-kissed colour in 3 hours. Designed for lighter skin tones it offers a subtle glow for a year-round tan. The mousse, infused with the skin-friendly, hydrating properties of Coconut Water, Aloe, Green Tea and Vitamin E, is quick drying and built-in skin finishing perfectors, along with innovative colour customising technology, ensure an even, natural looking finish.



Left – Before application; Right – After application

The mousse texture of Madame LA LA tan makes application quick and effortless, it simply glides on without dragging. Being tinted means its also really easy to see where you’ve applied the tanner resulting in a perfect, streak-free coverage.  I used a mitt as I find this saves your hands from staining but there’s no reason why you couldn’t apply this without a mitt – just remember to wash your hands immediately after use.

The directions say you can dress just five minutes after application which is great for time-pressed mums like myself and the result is a very subtle, but noticeable tan which you can build up if desired (for those who prefer a darker tan there is the original Madame LA LA Tan, also priced at £36). Another bonus to this tanner is there is no typical fake tan scent, just the fresh, gentle scent of coconut.

I’m really impressed by Madame LA LA tan and i’m sure it will be a regular part of my beauty regime, especially living in Lancashire where I can only dream of getting a genuine LA glow!

The Madama LA LA tanning range is available here.

What tanning products or range do you swear by to give you a natural looking glow through the winter months?

*PR Sample

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