Mother’s Day at Lush

Lush certainly know how to think up new and inspiring ranges and this time it’s Mother’s Day that gets the all attention. Last week I persuaded my husband to drive me to the Bury store so I could explore the range and take a few bits home with me.


Valentine’s was still the order of the day in the shop, with Lonely Hearts, Unicorn Horns and Prince Charming shower gels piled high, but for this visit it was the Mother’s Day products that I really had my eye on. The Lush Mother’s Day range has definitely been cooked up with both mums and kids in mind, so along with indulgent aromas plenty of fun characters have been thrown in to amuse and delight Lush’s younger audience. Faced with all these brightly coloured and interesting goodies I was like a kid in a sweetshop and quickly filled my basket up with treats.


The Bubblegrub Bubbleroon (£2.95) was first on the list as I knew my daughter would love it. This sparkly orange and green bubble bar with white chocolate buttons for eyes and dried vanilla pods for antennas is so cute and with organic Shea Butter, Vetivert Oil, Tonka Absolute and Sandalwood Oil is superbly nourishing and beautifully scented.

I also selected the generously sized Ultraviolet Bubble Bar (£4.75), which should be sufficient for three baths. The vibrant colour and size of this brand new bubble bar immediately grabs your attention and the expertly blended Rosewood, Violet Leaf, Ylang Ylang, and Jasmine oils result in a gorgeously fragranced bath.


The next product I had my eye on was the Rose Bubble Bar (£2.95). This looks exquisite and is probably the most grown up looking item in the range, but it’s quite small and so seems rather lost displayed alongside the bigger, bolder bubble bars. With its blend of Lemon Oil, Sweet Orange Oil and Rose Absolute this smells like the lovely Amandopondo Bubble Bar and the organic Rose Hip Oil and Cocoa Butter ingredients make for a very softening and nourishing bathing experience. This makes its reappearance this year having launched in the 2014 range.

Moving swiftly on we have more cuteness in the shape of the Mother Superior Bubble Bar (£3.75). Packed full of Sicilian Lemon Oil, Mimosa, Jasmine and Orange Blossom absolute, this bubble bar has a strong but refreshing scent. In contrast to the Rose this is rather large in stature and should give me at least three decent baths.


Last but by no means least I picked up two bath bombs;

Honey Bee (£3.35) unsurprisingly contains Honey to help soothe the skin, Aloe Vera to cool, and Rhassoul mud to cleanse, condition and soften. Its subtle, citrus scent is from orange oil. This isn’t a Mother’s Day exclusive, it just caught my eye when I was browsing and made its way into my basket (as these things tend to do!).

The smaller bath bomb Secret Garden (£2.50), which made its first Mother’s Day appearence in 2013, contains a blend of Rose absolute, Sweet Orange and Rosewood oils, giving a heady and floral fragrance. As its name implies this bath bomb has a secret and at its core are real flower petals which are released as the outer layer fizzes away.


The Bury store is lovely and spacious, and having only been open since August 2013 still has the feel of a brand new shop. It was really quiet on my visit so I was able to explore everything without battling for elbow space with other customers, something which is a rare treat in most Lush branches. The store was really well stocked and tidy but I felt it could’ve had a little more atmosphere and the staff were a little more hands off than I’ve experienced before. Maybe I’ll return on a Saturday next time to see if the store has more of a buzz!

What do you think of the Mother’s Day range? Do you have any of the products on your wishlist?

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3 thoughts on “Mother’s Day at Lush

  1. Jade Amber says:

    Lovely post and the Mother’s Day range looks amazing. I think I will probably get my mum something next time I’m in Lush. x

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