Introducing Beauty Kitchen

Fed up of beauty products that claimed to be “natural” yet contained a host of chemical nasties qualified herbal botantist Jo Chidley was driven to create her own range of natural, 100% organic, and affordable beauty products. The result was Beauty Kitchen, a company that literally cooks up the freshest bodycare products you can imagine; with minimal, all natural ingredients the formulas are ultra skin-friendly and are designed to impact to the environment as little as possible.

As a fan of natural beauty products I was really excited when I got the opportunity to experience Beauty Kitchen’s eco-friendly formulations in the form of their Inspire Me Brightening & Toning Body Souffle*.



The Inspire Me Body Souffle (200ml, £14.99) is a luxurious skin smoothing moisturiser with packed with super nourishing shea butter, and grapefruit and lemongrass to leave your skin looking brighter, and feeling firmer. The body souffle is ever so beautifully scented, with the Lemongrass and Grapefruit creating a fresh, zingy aroma that’s amazingly uplifting, and its formula is quite lightweight yet very moisturising; a little goes a long way. This is definitely going to become a firm favourite in the warmer months when I want a light textured, freshly scented cream.

Packaged into reusable glass mason jars these body souffles are just gorgeous and make delightful gifts, if you can bear to part with them yourself that is!


As well as a vast array of products including body scrubs, hand scrubs, shower gels, hand washes, lip balms and body oils Beauty Kitchen also sell “Create Your Own” kits, which contain all the ingredients, tools and step-by-step instructions to cook-up your own authentic Beauty Kitchen products. These are a great way to explore what goes into your beauty products and have fun in the process.

You can find your own Beauty Kitchen products in Holland & Barrett stores around the UK or online at Beauty Kitchen’s website, where you can explore the range and discover more about the ethos behind this wonderful brand.

*PR Sample

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