The Bakewell Soap Company Balms

Balms are my weakness and I have different ones dotted around the house, in my handbag and in the car. I love having them to hand so that whenever I’m on a long journey or sat watching TV I can rub them into my cuticles or any rough patches of skin. Other people may chew gum, smoke, or eat junk food to relieve boredom or stress – I have my balms!


Two balms I absolutely love are from The Bakewell Soap Company, which is based just outside Bakewell village in Derbyshire, a place I spent many a weekend in my youth. Although The Bakewell Soap Company is now located in the heart of the Peak National Park, its roots actually lie in New South Wales, Australia, where Dharma first began making her own soaps with natural and organic ingredients that were gentle on her skin. It was upon returning to England that The Bakewell Soap Company was born.


Lavender & Lemon Multi-purpose Pocket Balm (30g, £4.95) With deeply nourishing Walnut and Sweet Almond oils, and healing benefits of Hemp and Chamomile this balm is perfect for dry, irritated skin. Lavender oil helps reduce inflammation skin and is also believed to alleviate the symptoms of many skin conditions including eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis. This balm is usually the one I turn to in the evening as the Lavender scent makes it extremely relaxing and great for taking my mind off the stresses of the day. I often rub some on my temples and pulse-points before bed to aid a good nights sleep and I also use the balm after my toddlers bath as the formula soothes her dry, eczema-prone skin and the aroma relaxes her.


Hard Working Multi-purpose Pocket Balm (30g, £4.95). This balm is also formulated for dry skin and contains the same base ingredients as the Lavender and Lemon Balm, but the addition of astringent Pettigrain oil, which stimulates blood circulation, and blend of Orange, Lemon, Rose Geranium, and Rosewood oils lend this balm a warm, zesty scent and energising effect which is perfectly suited to mornings. I reach for this balm on mornings or days when I’m feeling a little sluggish as I know the citrus aroma is bound to perk me up. It’s also fabulous when I’m busy gardening or working around the house as the balm protects my hands but also, with the fresh, zingy scent, ensures I stay feeling energised.

All the Multi-purpose Pocket Balms are 100% natural, completely handmade and free from unnecessary chemicals and preservatives. They quickly melt on contact with your skin, leaving a smooth, highly moisturising oil that is absorbed quickly and results in soft, nourished skin.

Like lipbalms I don’t think you can have too many multi-use balms and the more natural ingredients packed into them the better. From soothing rough calloused heels, healing burns, softening dry elbows, smoothing ragged cuticles; these little tins slip easily into pockets and the smallest of bags, ensuring they’re to hand in any beauty emergency.

Have you tried anything from The Bakewell Soap Company? If you like your skincare to be as natural as possible I’d definitely recommend checking out this lovely brand.

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One thought on “The Bakewell Soap Company Balms

  1. kecalladine says:

    I really like the hard working one, I love how zesty it is. I keep meaning to try more of their products x

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