Slendertoxtea 14 Day Teatox

Today I’m talking about tea detoxes, which really seem to have grown in popularity in recent months. This version of detoxing involves cleansing your system by drinking a specially blended herbal tea, which sounds simple enough. Always up for trying something new I was very happy when Slendertoxtea kindly sent me their 14 Day Teatox* to try.


Slendertoxtea state that their organic tea detox will help to reduce bloating, decrease your appetite, increase your metabolism and, if used as part of a healthier lifestyle, aid weightloss. Having recently embarked on a bit of a health kick – trying to eat more healthily and joining the gym – I was keen to see if Slendertoxtea would help yield greater results. I also liked the idea of ridding my body of excess toxins and having more energy.

This isn’t a meal replacement diet, infact the Slendertox process is simple: you drink one tea each morning as soon as you wake up, and every other night you also have an evening tea. Slendertoxtea doesn’t claim to be a quick fix and obviously for any tea detox to be 100% effective you should be eating healthily too, so the website has a handy Eating Plan you can download if you would like some guidance on what to eat, and what foods to avoid.

Now down to the nitty gritty (if you’re of a sensitive disposition you may want to skip this bit) which is that this tea detox works by having a laxative effect, due to the particular herbs in the tea, which – ahem – flush you out. This did cause me a little concern, especially as the packaging advises that you should start the Teatox at the weekend or when you’ll be closer to home! For that reason I started my Teatox in the half term holidays, safe in the knowledge that I wouldn’t be rushing about doing the school run!



I brewed my first cup of tea at around 10.30am, allowing the teabag to steep for 3 minutes, and true to form, 8 hours later, at 6.30pm I felt the urge to visit the bathroom. I use the word urge but it wasn’t desperate, in the way that it sometimes can be when you have a tummy upset, but I had a mild cramping that told me it was time. My bathroom visit wasn’t unpleasant, but was quite a long one – I think my husband wondered where I vanished to!

Most days followed this pattern so the effect was predictable, although on days following the Sleeptox night-time tea my visits were more frequent (this could be a problem if you work in an environment where frequent loo breaks could be a problem), and in all honesty the effects weren’t anywhere near as bad as I had imagined. As the first week progressed I did notice a few IBS symptoms such as bloating and trapped wind, but again this was bearable and I guess is a potential side effect given that the teas aim is to cleanse your digestive system and flush out toxins.

By the second week I was more confident so allowed my tea to brew a touch longer. I definitely felt energised after each brew and the side-effects had eased slightly. I was also surprised to find I quite enjoyed the taste of the tea; which was similar to black tea, so drinking it wasn’t too much of a chore, though the smell, which to my nose was a slightly fusty, stale tobacco odour, was a little unpleasant.


I was drinking SlenderToxTea in conjunction with a couple of weekly gym classes so undoubtedly the fitness played a part, but I took Before & After photos of my tummy (below) which show a definite improvement in my skin texture, which is a lot smoother, and my dreaded muffin-top which has significantly reduced. In general too I feel really good; my skin is clearer and I have more energy. Stepping on the scales and I also shed 3lbs; I’m pretty impressed!


Slendertoxtea definitely isn’t the solution to weightloss on its own, and personally I’d only want to this type of detox for a couple of weeks at a time, but in conjunction with a healthier lifestyle it does seem to help in shifting some of that awful stomach overhang, and I possibly will return to Slendertoxtea in the summer when it’s time to dust off the bikini! The tea would also be a great used as a one-off just before a holiday or special occasion to help you look your best, or as part of a post-Christmas diet.

The Slendertoxtea teabags are available on the website in a 14 day pack priced at £19.99 and a 28 day pack for £32.99 with free UK postage.

Have you ever tried a Teatox?

*PR Sample

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