Narynda Skincare

Natural skincare seems to be growing in popularity as more people are concerned about what they put on their skin and the ingredients in their beauty products. Research into the potential impact certain chemicals have on our skins and the environment has led to people shunning paraben laden formulas and artificial fragrances in favour of more naturally derived skincare. Many smaller brands are popping up too and with skincare technology improving all the time the skincare coming out of these small, often family-run businesses are rivalling larger companies in terms of quality and sophistication. One such brand is Narynda Skincare, based in Cambridge.

Narynda began developing her skincare range at home after suffering from stress-induced dermatitis, which didn’t respond to the antihistamines and a non-perfumed cream prescribed by her GP. Taking a holistic approach she started experimenting with the left over wax from her own honey bees, producing a cream that not only cleared up her dermatitis, but improved the overall condition of her skin. Seven years on and after much hard work Narynda Skincare has been launched to the wider market, yet is still handmade in her workshop at home. Very kindly Narynda sent me two of her products to trial and i’m most excited to feature them on my blog today!


Narynda Toner (100ml, £12.50)* – This gentle toner is based on neroli essential oil, which is known to smooth the skin and repair damaged capillaries. With antioxidant rich fruit extracts it tones and freshens tired looking skin, and the addition of Hyaluronic acid aids cell renewal. This toner is particularly good for aging skin as it contains oat peptides which promote collagen formation thereby lessening the appearence of fine lines and wrinkles.

Dabbed onto my skin after cleansing the toner is so refreshing and gently sweeps away any oil or trace of makeup left after cleansing. With no alcohol it is gentle and no-drying too, leaving comfortable skin that is ready for my moisturiser.



Narynda Night Cream (50ml, £17.50)* – This rich night cream is formulated with oat oil which is rich in Linoleic acid and helps to maintain moisture and hydration by reducing trans epidermal water loss. The oat oil also has a soothing effect, reducing inflammation and irritation, while oat peptides help bind moisture and form a protective film that keeps the skin hydrated. As with the toner this night cream targets wrinkles and fine lines by utilising plant extracts that are known to promote collagen production and improve skin elasticity.

This cream has a lovely texture; rich but with an almost whipped cream-like texture which means it rubs in so easily and doesn’t drag the skin. Despite its heavier formulation the night cream doesn’t cause my oil-prone skin to break out, I simply awake to brighter, fresher looking skin.

To minimize the risk of irritation Narynda Skincare is currently formulated to be completely fragrance-free, good news for even the very sensitive of skins!

Narynda Skincare has impressed me greatly, especially knowing it isn’t developed and mass produced in some huge laboratory but is handmade in a small Cambridge workshop, and I would definitely recommend checking out the small but fantastic range of products. With lots of smaller brands like Narynda Skincare to cherry-pick from we can select products that not only suit our skin but align with a particular ethos and support local businesses; the future of natural skincare is very exciting indeed!

*PR Sample

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