Black & White Hair Dressing Pomade

Since I started growing out my hair my requirement for styling products has shifted from using them to mould and give texture to my very short pixie crop, to taming frizz and adding shine to my jaw length bob. Some products I found were great on my short crop tend not to work so well on my longer hair, either not distributing well or leaving it weighed down and looking lank, so when I was sent Black & White Hair Dressing Pomade* I was interested to see how versatile a hair styling product it would be.



On my mid-length hair the lightweight formula of Black & White Hair Dressing Pomade proved ideal for slicking down flyaway hairs and really helped give a sleeker appearence to my short bob. Its soft texture, similar in feel to Vaseline, meant it was easy to distribute the product evenly, and it held surprisingly well, even when it rained, which would normally turn my hair into a frizzy mess!

Moving onto my husband’s short hair and the pomade held the shape even through a gym session. He was also impressed with the finish and the fact that it washed out easily at the end of the day; high praise indeed as he tends to be very particular when it comes to the hair products he will use.

I even discovered Black & White Pomade is perfect for creating sleek ponytails when I tried it on my daughter’s fine, wavy hair that seems to have a mind of its own. Her hair is so soft that bobbles slip out and within half an hour her carefully styled ponytail or bunches look messy, but running a small amount of the pomade through her hair helped to smooth the hair down and fix it in place.

Unlike a lot of styling products that tend to have a distinctly masculine or sweetly feminine scent Black & White Pomade is lightly fragranced with coconut making it great for all the family. It is subtle too and isn’t going to be too noticable. The only word of caution I would add is that a little of this product goes a long, long way. If you are too heavy-handed it will look greasy so use sparingly, you can always add a little more if needed.

So there we have it. Three different hair types, and Black & White Hair Dressing Pomade worked with them all – little wonder that this product has been going for over 90 years and its formula has remained unchanged!

Black and White Wax 50ml is available from Superdrug, Boots, Tesco and Sainsbury’s priced at £4.40, or larger sized tubs can be purchased from selected salons and online stockists. Have you tried this classic hair styling product?

*PR Sample

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