Veil Cover Cream

Veil Cover Cream is a camouflage concealer which covers birthmarks, scars, age spots, moles, broken capillaries, rosacea, vitiligo, and even tattoos. Formulated way back in 1952 by cosmetic chemist Mr. Thomas Blake to disguise post-operative scars, this product was one of the first in the field of cosmetic camouflage and even 60 years on is still one of the leading brands. Over the years Veil Cover Cream has helped many people with different types of skin blemish to look and feel good so I was very happy when I was approached and asked if I would like to feature one of their sample kits on the blog.


The Veil Cover Cream sample kit* can be purchased on the website for £7.95 and it is a great and non-expensive way of seeing if this product will work for you. The sample kit is available in shades light (for paler skin tones), medium (for darker and sun kissed tones) and dark (for very dark skin tones) but the one I was sent for review is the light kit. The kit contains twelve different shades, from the yellow-based tones of Cream, Wheat, Peach, Almond, Oyster and Biscuit, through to the warmer and pinker tones of Vanilla, Medium, Natural-light, Natural, Natural-medium, and Dark. The shades can be used individually or mixed to create a more bespoke colour. There are also two finishing powders included; Translucent and Dusk.


I don’t have any birthmarks or tattoos to test the coverage out on (at least none that are on public show!), but I did use the Cover Cream to conceal a rather large bruise on my forearm, as well as to cover lighter blemishes and dark circles, and the results were great. The cream has quite a thick consistency but blends really well and only a small amount of the product is needed to provide impressive coverage to a large area. I’m astounded too by the vast choice of shades there are, meaning that everyone should find a perfect match for their skin tone.

Moving onto the powders I was impressed at how finely textured they were; so smooth, light and non-cakey. The powder really helps blend the edges between where the Cover Cream is applied and your bare skin, giving a seemless, invisible transition, and also gives the cream even greater staying power (the cover cream I was surprised to discover is waterproof too). Alternating between the cover cream and setting powder you can build up the coverage Veil Cover Cream provides, which enables you to cover up darker birthmarks or tattoos.

If you have pigmentation or a birthmark you would prefer to conceal or a job that dictates you should cover up a tattoo, I’d definitely recommend trying out a Veil Cover Cream sample kit to see if it offers the sort of coverage you are looking for and to find your perfect colour match. Hop over to their website where you will find impressive before and after shots as well as customer testimonials.

The full-sized Veil Cover Cream retails at £19.95 for 10g or £34 for 45g, and the Finishing Powder is £22.50 for 23g.

*PR Sample

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