CoppaFeel! with I Love… Perfectly Peachy

Last summer I Love… supported breast cancer awareness charity CoppaFeel! by contributing products for event goody bags. This year they are again showing their support for the work of this fantastic charity in the shape of a limited edition shower gel to be sold in shops nationwide.


Paraben-free and PH-balanced, the I Love… Perfectly Peachy Bath and Shower Creme* not only smells heavenly but also gently cleanses and cares for you skin with a non-drying formula boosted by Passionflower and Peach extracts. But the most important feature of this shower creme is that it comes with the handy #showerhijack guide on the bottle, which explains how to thoroughly check your breasts for the early signs and symptoms of breast cancer.


Kris Hallenga, CEO and Founder of CoppaFeel! states that the #showerhijack campaign isn’t about fundraising but saving lifes, going on to explain:

“We know that women forget to check their boobs and the most common place to check their boobs is in the shower, but when they do remember to check them, they can’t remember the signs and symptoms they’re looking for. By putting the signs and symptoms of breast cancer on the Perfectly Peachy bottles, women will have the information they need when they need it.”

I Love… are the first company to include information like this on its packaging and it is such a great way of getting the information out there and making it accessible yet fun. It takes just five minutes to check your breasts and in the shower is an ideal place, so why not grab a bottle of Perfectly Peachy, lather up and CoppaFeel?

Perfectly Peachy Bath and Shower Creme will be available exclusively from and in Boots stores for £2.99 from March 23rd.

*PR Sample

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