SunSense Daily Face

The weather is getting warmer and the sun stronger, and whilst we all look forward to feeling the sun on our skin and getting that sun-kissed glow there is a more sinister side to the sun; a side that causes premature aging, pigmentation marks and even skin cancers. Whilst no one wants to put a downer on enjoying the summer sun (in Lancashire where I live it’s a rare enough sight as it is) it’s important to ask yourself do you really want to risk the longterm health of your skin for a sun tan?

My answer to that has always been no and for that reason I always wear a minimum SPF of 15, even in Winter or on seemingly dull days when the sun’s rays still penetrate the hazy clouds. In Summer I look to up the protection even more with SPF25 and i’m always on the lookout for brands that offer high protection products.



One such product that caught my eye recently is SunSense Daily Face*, which promises lightweight, oil-free SPF50 sun protection that is especially suited for oily complexions. Sun creams have always had a reputation for being heavy and greasy, particularly those with higher sun protection factor. Refreshingly SunSense is none of these things, offering a light, slightly tinted base that won’t clog pores or look chalky, but leaves a slightly matte finish to the face.

The UVA and UVB broad spectrum sun protection in SunSense Daily Face helps safeguard your skin against premature ageing caused by sun exposure and is the closest protection you will find to sunblock. The formula also contains Vitamin E and 3% niacinamide, to help improve the appearance of skin tone and texture and is fragrance free. If you are heading off to sunnier climes soon or just enjoying the sun at home, please reach for a higher SPF like SunSense to stay safe.

Daily Face is just one of a larger range of SunSense products, including Ultra, Toddler, Sensitive and Anti-aging, so whatever your skin type or age there is no excuse not to stay safe in the sun! Available in a 75g tube priced at £20.99 and 200ml bottle for £39.99 you can purchase SunSense here.

For more info on how to keep you and your family in the sun, as well as news and competitions, follow SunSense on Twitter too!

*PR Sample

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