Dermarie Foaming Facial Cleanser

American skincare company Dermarie is one that means business. With a philosophy that combines the latest technology and the most effective ingredients possible, from nature and the laboratory, Dermarie promises deliver the best possible results from its cruelty-free, highly results-driven skincare range.

With this is mind you won’t be surprised to hear that with 10% AHA / Glycolic Acid Dermarie Foaming Facial Cleanser (120ml, $35)* is no ordinary skincare product; not only washing away daily grime and makeup, but also fighting blemishes and wrinkles at the same time. As a thirty-something year old who still suffers the odd breakout but also wants skincare that offers anti-aging properties this cleanser really caught my eye and I was eager to try it!



The Alpha Hydroxy Acid in Dermarie Foaming Facial Cleanser effectively treats all skin types, including oily, combination, problematic, and acne. With a concentration of 10% Glycolic Acid one pump of this freshly scented, softly foaming cleanser is all you need to gently penetrate deep down into pores, where it will remove make-up, excess oil and impurities, and sweep away dead skin cells to leave behind a fresh, revitalised complexion. Formulated with a wealth of natural ingredients including glycerin and sunflower oil to prevent dryness, and natural antioxidant rich extracts such as rosehip seed oil, calendula oil, chamomile and seaweed extract to soothe and repair the skin, this cleanser also helps maintain your skin’s natural oil balance.

Used twice a day over a four week period, and slotting it into my usually skincare regime, Dermarie Foaming Facial Cleanser really did help clear and prevent my blemishes and also left my skin looking brighter and feeling soft. I felt like my oil production levelled out too and my skin generally felt cleaner for the whole day, rather than turning into an oil-slick by midday. I’m definitely impressed and am really keen to explore the rest of this slick looking skincare range!

Due to its Glycolic Acid content it is wise to gradually introduce this cleanser just once daily, or every other day, as sensitive skins may find the formula drying to begin with. Fortunately my skin found the formulation gentle enough to use twice daily, without any irritation or excessive dryness occurring. Dermarie also recommend that whilst using this cleanser you also wear a face cream containing SPF as AHA can increase the skin’s sensitivity to sunlight. In all honesty however, if you aren’t wearing an SPF daily then you should be, regardless of which cleanser you use!

With its blemish-combatting and wrinkle-banishing formula Dermarie Foaming Facial Cleanser really is a superhero, offering so much more than a lot of cleansers out there. If you want to up your skincare to the next level I’d definitely recommend checking Dermerie out here!

If you want place an order with Dermarie and live outside USA USPS Priority Mail International is charged at a flat rate of $35 (free on orders over $250) and takes 3-10 business days. Within the US orders over $100 ship free or at a charge of $8.95 for orders under $100. Dermarie are also giving my readers a unique Buy One, Get One Half Price offer on the Foaming Facial Cleanser simply by entering code LALBOGO at checkout.

*PR Sample

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