Dermatique Recuperating Cream

If you’re a regular visitor to my blog you may already have read about my daughter’s eczema-prone skin and my search to find a gentle, more natural alternative to the heavy, mineral-oil and steroid based creams prescribed by her GP. More often than not the creams she was given by the doctor excaberbated the problem due to her sensitivity to certain ingredients and it was a vicious, often upsetting, cycle of itch-scratch, itch-scratch until we finally discovered some relief when we took matters into our own hands and explored more natural-based skincare.

Since then I’ve always been happy to trial alternative products for eczema-prone skin so when Scottish skincare company Dermatique offered to send me their best-selling Recuperating Cream to review I was very keen, particularly when I read that the range was developed as a result of their own experience treating their daughter’s eczema.



Although a new discovery to me, Dermatique Recuperating Cream (100ml, £29)* has been providing relief to many sufferers of Eczema, Psoriasis, Dermatitis, and dry, itchy skin since 1996 when it was first developed. The cream has a rich but soft, whipped cream like formula, which seems to melt like butter into the skin. This is especially important for sore and sensitive skin that can easily be irritated further by thick creams which drag the skin. Free from perfume, steroids, mineral oil, peanut oil and parabens the 100% natural cream visibly soothed my daughter’s skin from first application, with the redness fading very quickly. Her upper arms, normally hot to the touch, felt cooler too. The cream absorbed quite quickly, without being overly greasy, and the moisture lasted much longer than any prescription creams we’d tried.

Over the month we trialled Dermatique Recuperating Cream eczema flare-ups were kept completely at bay and she didn’t complain about itchiness or scratch her skin once. The only slight disappointment was that despite making my daughter’s skin softer and more comfortable, it hasn’t really lessened the chicken-skin texture on her upper arms, which I had hoped it would.


Working in synergy with the skin to soothe, heal and strengthen, rather than overloading it with ingredients that provide only short-term relief, Dermatique Recuperating Cream really can offer a long term solution to dry skin and eczema. If you are suffering from any irritating skin conditions I’d really recommend ditching mineral oil based creams in favour of a gentler, more natural alternative like Dermatique.

Have you found any creams you’d highly recommend for eczema-prone skin? I’d love to hear your stories in the comments below!

*PR Sample

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