Battle of The Primers

I have very oily eyelids and without a makeup primer my eyeshadow creases within a couple of hours, so for me especially a good primer is a must to prevent creasing and to keep my eye makeup looking vibrant and fresh for as long as possible. Today I’m comparing eyeshadow primers from three popular brands, all of which promise to make your eye makeup stay the distance. Do they work and which is the best? Read on as I put them to the test!


Priced at £2.50 Makeup Revolution Focus & Fix Primer is the cheapest product I will be testing today. It’s formula is quite thin in consistancy and it applies smoothly. The primer brightens the eye area and helps make your eye colour ‘pop’, but sadly that’s where the positive ends; within just an hour after first application my eyeshadow started to crease very slightly and by mid afternoon my eye makeup was practically no more. This primer may be ok as a colour corrector, helping to even out any discolouration on the lids, but as far as fixing my eyeshadow went it probably fared no better than if I’d not bothered with a primer at all.


The second one to be put through its paces is Urban Decay Primer Potion. This retails at £16 for an 11ml tube, so is more expensive, however only a very small amount is needed. Again this colour-corrects the eyelid making eyes look fresher and giving the perfect blank canvas upon which to apply your eye colour. This primer is the thickest of the three and it really seems to mop up any oil and mattify the eye area. It certainly grabs on to the eye colour and prolongs the wear, not just by a few hours but right through to the evening when I’m removing my eye makeup for bed. Moreover, even after my gym class my eyeshadow looks fresh as a daisy! Another pro to this primer is the packaging; I find a tube more sanitary and less wasteful because when you get super-low on product you can cut open the tube and get the remaining product out!


Finally we have Benefit Stay Don’t Stray which is the most expensive primer in my test, priced at £20.50 for 10ml. Available in two shades this can be used as a primer or worn alone as a concealer. I’m not over enamoured with doe-foot applicators as in most cases I still end up using my finger to apply and blend and I don’t think they’re as sanitary if you are touching the wand then putting it back in the tube. This product feels similar in consistency to the Makeup Revolution primer but fared much better in my test – hanging onto my eyeshadows until the early evening with only minor creasing. By the end of the day however my eye makeup had definitely seen better days so i’ll be keeping my money firmly in my wallet and leaving this product on the shelf.

Before & After – Makeup Revolution Focus & Fix (L), Urban Decay Primer Potion (R)

So there we have all three primers thoroughly put though their paces and I think you can probably deduce from my Before & After photo above that the star performer for me is Urban Decay’s Primer Potion, which quite frankly wins hands down. I’d definitely shell out another £16 for this primer knowing that it increases the longevity of my eye makeup by hours. The biggest disappointment was Makeup Revolution; it may be the brand of the moment and I love their palettes, but this test has shown that some things definitely warrant a splurge on to get the best results. I can safely say Primer Potion is definitely a Holy-Grail product and worth parting with your hard earned cash for!

You can buy Urban Decay’s Primer Potion here.

Have you tried any of these primers? I’d love to hear if there are any different primers I need to check out!

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6 thoughts on “Battle of The Primers

    • Helen says:

      I only wish I’d discovered it sooner – I didn’t think anything would make my eye makeup last, then I was recommended and bought Primer Potion in December. It’s amazing!

  1. Belinda says:

    Overall Urban Decay products are the best. Affordable and cater to my needs. Love the shades they do. When I’m visiting the larger chemists in town I always navigate to their products. Never disappoint.

  2. MaggieMayQ says:

    I have been swapping between a few. MAC paint pot in painterly, TooFaced shadow insurance (I think that’s the name) and UD Primer Potion.
    I used to hate Primer Potion, when it came with the doe foot. But now that it has a tube, it’s at the top.

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