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Soul and Soap is a small company specialising in making handmade, natural bath and body products. Owned by Latvian-born Anna, she actually left her job in marketing to develop and sell her own luxury bathing products and the fledgling company was born. From the early days of selling in craft markets Soul and Soap’s web business soon began to take off and spurred on with a relocation to Cornwall Anna’s aim now is to grow her range and reach out to a wider marketplace. All Soul and Soap’s products are cruelty-free, contain only natural ingredients, and are entirely handmade with the utmost care and attention. I’m really honoured to showcase these beautiful products on my blog.



The first product I was sent is the Dead Sea Salt Body Scrub* in Grape (£12.99). This deliciously scented scrub contains mineral rich dead sea salt to cleanse and detox the skin, and is enriched shea butter, cocao butter, coconut oil, vitamin E, silk amino acids and essential oils to nourish and infuse you skin with deep moisture. The fruity grape aroma is refreshing and enlivening.

Salt Scrubs are one of my staples; great used in the shower, however I think they really come into their own in the bath where, after first sloughing off dead skin cells, you can then relax and lie back in the water and allow the highly moisturising, vitamin rich oils wash over you. Salt scrubs are also fantastic for improving circulation, really making the skin glow, and helping to reduce cellulite.


Of course a company can’t call itself Soul and Soap without also making some wonderful soaps and here I have three out of an even wider selection online. Priced at £3.49 and again entirely handmade these soaps are rich in skin-friendly Coenzyme Q10, amino acids and milk proteins, which helps to restore the skin’s structure. They lather, keep their shape well and sat atop my soap dish remind me of stained glass.

The Yoghurt Soap* has a lovely creamy texture and a delicate milky aroma with top notes of coconut, cardamom and ginger and base of sandalwood and vanilla. In a complete contrast we then have the Peach Soap*, an uplifting, fruity soap scented with plum, tangerine, tropical fruit, apricot and musk. Peach has antidepressant properties and will really help shake off those Winter blues as we enter Spring, as well as cleansing and nourishing this skin. Last but not least is the Grape Soap*, which is full of antioxidant grape extracts and silk amino acids to make your skin irresistibly soft and radiant.


To finish off this selection of beautiful products is the stunning Cherry Heart Soap*. Priced at just £2.50 this is much more than just a novelty soap, containing nourishing natural ingredients that cleanse without stripping the skin and did I mention the scent, which is divine?

In addition to the individual products there is also lovely selection of beautifully packaged gift sets. At prices starting at £9.99 these sets are designed to take the headache out of gift giving and they would make fantastic gift for a loved one or just to say thanks to a great teacher at the end of term. You can check out the entire product range on the Soul and Soap website.

Soul and Soap’s products really are unique, and one-of-a-kind products, and their bright colours really reflect the warmth of the person who made them! 100% natural, these products all comply with current EU standards and requirements and have been safety approved for sale by a chartered chemist in line with Cosmetics Products Regulations, therefore you can rest assured your skin will be taken care of. So all that’s left to do is place an order, wait for it to arrive then run your bath and unwind, surrounded by the soothing and relaxing scents of your Soul and Soap products!

*PR Sample

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