Nail Art For Dummies – Dry Brush Technique

I’m not much cop at nail art, having neither the patience nor the imagination, but I saw a technique a few months ago I thought that even I could make a decent attempt at! Dry Brushing involves taking a brush and scraping off the excess polish then brushing it lightly over a contrasting colour in different directions. No special tools are needed making this technique great for beginners.


I’ve seen this very effectively done over a white base, but I wanted to try a bolder colour and Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy in Full House from the Glamour Spring Edit was the perfect contender. With an oversized, flat brush and quite a thick formula this polish is a one coat wonder, so was ideal for the job as I didn’t have a lot of time to wait for a number of coats to dry.

As a contrasting colour I chose Groseille by Nailberry. This is a bright, coral shade and very apt for the warmer months. Again I knew it offered good coverage with smooth application, but more importantly for this technique the formula is quite thin meaning it is easy to apply lightly.

To prolong my manicure and add shine I finished the whole look off with the Revlon Colourstay Gel Envy Top Coat.


The result isn’t perfect, but for a first attempt i’m happy enough with it and I think it looks quite effective. I definitely can’t wait to experiment with different shades of polish and with a lighter base coat.

Do you know any foolproof nail art techniques?

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