teapigs Everyday Brew

I love a good cuppa (who doesn’t?) but out shopping I usually just grab a box of PG Tips or Typhoo and haven’t really ventured into the world of a more premium tea. After all black tea is just black tea isn’t it? As purveyors of quality tea, the good folk at teapigs would beg to differ and so they laid the gauntlet down; try our Everyday Brew for two weeks and never go back. So I did and my eyes really were opened to a tea that actually made me savour each mouthful rather than simply gulping it down.



teapigs Everyday Brew (50 temples, £9.95)* is made from a blend of three top quality black teas – assam, ceylon and rwandan – and only whole tea leaves are used which, while infusing, slowly unfurl and let out their gorgeous flavour. The result is a tea of such quality and flavour it tastes like it was made with loose-leaf tea of the sort you perhaps imagine Her Majesty the Queen drinking. When I make a cup of Everyday Brew I actually want to stop everything and give myself time to indulge my tastebuds. A vast difference to the tea I’ve drunk before, which is often slurped as I chase a toddler round in a vein effort to get her ready for nursery. My tea-breaks have definitely become an occasion to savour and enjoy, in fact may even have got out the best biscuits once or twice!

Thanks to the teapigs Ethical Scheme you can also drink your Everday Brew with a guilt-free conscience because teapigs donate 5p from each 15s pack and 15p from every 50s pack to support the Noel Orphanage in Rwanda, near the estate where most of their tea for their Everyday Brew is sourced. Any donations made when shopping online with teapigs are also matched.

You can buy teapigs Everyday Brew direct from the teapigs website, alongside a whole host of other equally tasty tea varieties. So go ahead and make your tea break that little bit tastier!

*PR Sample

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