Roots and Rituals Hair Treatment

I always thought hair treatments were for people with dry, damaged and frizzy hair, not for my distinctly average, non-chemically treated hair. Since growing my hair however I’ve been concious of its condition and I am keen for it to be as healthy as possible, especially as my visits to the hairdresser are less frequent, and I’ve started to take haircare more seriously – including using weekly hair treatments as part of my regimen.



One of the treatments I’ve had the pleasure of sampling recently is the truely unique Roots & Rituals Deep Conditioning Hair Oil (RRP £15.99)*. Used with the Roots and Rituals luxurious heated towel this is an extremely indulgent treatment, not only for your hair but also your senses. Made with a blend of nourishing oils including coconut, olive, avocado, argan, almond and sesame the treatment oil rehydrates and re-energises the scalp and delivers moisture and nutrients deep down into hair shaft. It also has an amazing deep, musky scent, thanks to the inclusion of patchouli, ylang-ylang and rosemary oils, that lingers on the hair all day.

The super-soft Roots and Rituals Heated Hair Towel (RRP £69.99)* is easy to use, with a rechargeable battery unit providing the power, it has three heat settings and a digital display that lets you know not only what heat setting the towel is currently on but also the level of charge remaining. There is also a remote control key fob that can be used for adjusting the temperature of the towel or powering off the unit. After applying the oil to dry hair, all that you need to do is simply secure the towel around your head and relax as the heat helps the oil penetrate the hair shaft. You can either remove the power pack once the towel has heated up and the towel will retain the heat, or leave it attached to keep the heat constant.




After allowing the oil to work its magic for 30-40 minutes you just remove your towel, shampoo and condition the hair using the beautifully lightweight but super-nourishing Roots and Rituals Conditioner (RRP £6.49)** then style as normal. After styling my hair felt so supple and strokably soft, and it also shone with health – a feeling that lasted for days. The treatment also worked wonders after I returned from a weekend away where I’d spent each day swimming in chlorinated water that had turned my hair into a strawlike mess. One deep conditioning treatment with Roots and Rituals quickly returned it to its previous healthy state.

Unlike some hair treatments I’ve used in the past I didn’t feel like there was any residue or product buildup, nor did it feel greasy or lank, which I guess is thanks to the formulation which contains no silicones, parabens or mineral oils to bulk them out – just potent oils and plant extracts. Whilst the towel is quite pricey it isn’t astronomical when you compare it the the cost of other beauty tools such as cleansing brushes and hair straighteners, or the price of a one-off beauty treatment, and using weekly you soon get your money’s worth.

I love the idea of pampering myself with an indulgent spa treatment but as a busy mum it’s not something that happens very often. Roots and Rituals makes it possible with this amazing at-home treatment that brings the spa experience directly to your door. Visit to discover more and perhaps treat yourself too!

*PR Sample

**NB. The conditioner is currently being reformulated and repackaged to market as a hair mask.

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