Joik White Chocolate Bath Truffles

I love bath products, as does my daughter, but with very dry skin highly fragranced ones or those containing SLS or SLES tend to leave our skin parched and begging to be slathered in a rich body butter. How refreshing then to find then a superbly luxurious, 100% natural bath melt that not only smells divine but coats the body in its delicious softness.



Joik White Chocolate Bath-Truffles (£11.90)* truly are an indulgent treat for dry skin such as mine. Rich in delicious-smelling cocoa butter and looking like exquisite hand-made confection rather than a bath product, they leave your skin superbly moisturised, soft and velvety.

Adding one bath-truffle to warm water, it slowly melts to release its skin-softening, superbly nourishing cocoa butter into the bath water, turning it into a cocktail of sweet-smelling deliciousness that invites you to relax and unwind. When you step out of the bath you can feel a film of moisture on your skin so rich that after patting dry you don’t have to use a seperate moisturiser.

Joik is an Estonian beauty brand that harnesses only the finest, 100% natural ingredients for use in their luxury products. Their eye for detail and quality shines through with these Bath Truffles and I can’t wait to explore more of their products. You too can discover all of Joik’s wonderfully luxurious products including the Bath Truffles at – is there anything that takes your fancy?

*PR Sample

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