Nail Buff – Your Online Nail Polish Collection

Do you have a tonne of nail polishes and forget what shades you actually own? Do you want an easy way to view your collection without having to dig through your storage? Then there is a brand new website that may have the answer. Nail Buff is a first of its kind website which allows you to create an online catalogue of your nail polish collection and compare nail polishes side by side, and it doesn’t cost you a penny to use.



An easy to use website, Nail Buff is the brainchild of two sisters with an addiction to nail polishes. Knowing how frustrating it can be trying to remember if you have a particular polish in your collection, or deciding which polish to use, the sisters decided to create an space online where they could catalogue their polishes and see at a glance what shades they owned. With space to add extra information about each polish (i.e. if it is streaky, a one-coat wonder, chips easily, or has a special effect or finish) it is also a great resource to consult if you’re in a rush and need to put your hands on a polish that is easy to apply.

Login is presently via Facebook, so there is no extra login information to remember, and most of the polishes and brands are already inputted onto a central database so it’s a simple case of using a drop down menu to select your brand, colour and name, then adding it to your online catalogue. Some shades may need to be added manually, as will less well-known and indie brands, and you can add your own photos of your polishes.

Simple drop down menus allow you to add polishes to your collection

This is how your collection will look – Above, with the polishes from the database, and below, with the polishes and your pictures added manually


You can view each polish and any additional information you may have added

Can’t decide on a particular shade? Compare them side by side

Eventually another log in option will be added, which will be great for users who don’t have a Facebook account, as well as the ability to view other users’ collections and search for dupes. At the moment the central database of polishes is a little limited and there are quite a few shades missing, so I’d love to see this expanded even further to include more shades including glitters, but I’m sure that as the website grows this will be added to.

Nail Buff is a fabulous website which I think has the scope to offer so much, and with the planned expansion to functionality I really do believe it will become an invaluble resource to nail polish addicts everywhere. Why don’t you start your online polish collection today? Visit to get started.

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