BruzZ Nail Brush

As a keen gardener my nails constantly become ingrained with soil and using a normal nail brush to scrub them clean this dirt then sprays all around my bathroom basin. Annoying, unhygienic, there surely has to be a solution?




There is! Launched in 2013 and developed by beauty therapist Emma Myers BruzZ has taken the old fashioned nail brush and transformed it with an innovative and cutting edge design. With a uniquely designed layout of bristles BruzZ cleans the top, underside, and tip of the nail in one action. The soft vanilla scented antibacterial bristles provide a pain free cleaning experience for the all the family, including the most delicate of hands, and the unique shape also minimises the annoying dirty soap and water spray that usually finds itself all over the mirror, basin or bathroom.

The BruzZ nail brush is really easy to use and removes even ingrained dirt quickly and without discomfort, even my toddler doesn’t complain when it comes to using it, which is an achievement. Another plus point it that it rinses clean easily after use and the removable bristle pad ensures it can be sanitised and remains super hygienic. I definitely think the BruzZ is a must in kitchens and bathrooms everywhere.

The BruzZ nail brush* retails for £9.99 and can be found in Boots stores nationwide. Available in 3 colours as well as a family pack there’s no excuse for dirty nails!

*PR Sample

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