Buddha Beauty

Two of my favourite things to champion on my blog are small businesses and natural organic skincare, so when the two converge I get especially excited.

Founded by Llewelyn Thomas, and inspired by his extensive travel to far flung places, Buddha Beauty is a salon providing a variety of beauty and holistic treatments right in the heart of Chorlton. The company has also developed a range of 100% natural and organic skincare products and home fragrances that are both effective and affordable, and it is one of these amazing products that I have the pleasure of bringing you today.



The Organic Facial Oil for Combination Skin (50ml £9.50)* contains a wonderful blend of Lavender, Chamomile and Frankincense essential oils within a base of Apricot Kernel, Sweet Almond and Hazelnut oil. Beautifully scented and silky textured, simply one pump of this precious golden oil is all that is needed to sweep over the face after cleansing and immediately my skin looks brighter, plumper and deeply nourished.

In skincare Frankincense Oil is known for promoting regeneration of healthy cells and keeping the existing cells and tissues healthy. It can help lessen the appearance of sun spots and fine lines, as well as helping to promote the healing of acne and scars. Lavender also promotes healing and has antibacterial properties, whilst Chamomile calms the skin, soothimg redness and irritation in a matter of seconds. This is the perfect blend of oils for balancing combination skin and helping to keep it clear and it’s right here in Buddha Beauty’s Facial Oil.

A common misconception about facial oil is that it’s not compatible with oily skin, indeed I used to think that myself until I was introduced to them many years ago. Now facial oils are an essential step in my skincare regime; I wouldn’t be without their luxurious texture and potant efficacy. Using a specific blend of essential oils for the skin type facial oils work to rebalance and restore all skin types back to their natural complexion, and leave a plump and healthy glow in their wake. The difference they have made to the hydration and texture of my skin is immeasurable! If you don’t use a facial oil in your beauty regime yet I definitely recommend introducing one.

You can visit Buddha Beauty’s salon at 115 Beech Road, Chorlton or order online at www.buddha-beauty.com

*PR Sample

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3 thoughts on “Buddha Beauty

  1. ursula says:

    Love your review on this facial oil product! I think there is a myth with oily skin folks don’t use facial oils and I love how you challenged it in this review!

    Ursula aka Blueridge Beauty

    • Helen says:

      I used to think the same. It was Decleor that first got me onto facial oils with their Ylang-Ylang Aromessence, now I wouldn’t be without one!

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