Heaven Velvet Soft Hand Cream

Last month I featured a skincare range that was brand new to me; Heaven by Deborah Mitchell. I was thoroughly won over by their 100% natural Hydrogels, but what also impressed me was just how extensive the Heaven range is and today I have for you a review of their hand cream.


The Heaven Velvet Soft Hand Cream (150ml, £14.95)* is a beautifully textured hand cream scented with rose that really does rehydrate, soothe and restore dehydrated, crepey skin. With organic and 100% natural ingredients including soothing Sandalwood, rejuvenating Rose, antibacterial Tea Tree and brightening Orange Flower oil, this product is literally a eco-luxe treat for the hands.

The texture of Velvet Soft Hand Cream is very lightweight and sinks right in without leaving a greasy residue; perfect if you find overly greasy hands that some hand creams leave you with an annoyance. Because of its light formula this is a product you can apply regularly throughout the day then get straight back to what you were doing (i.e. driving, typing, writing) without being hindered by sticky hands. One thing I loved about Heaven Hydrogels was their true to life, natural scents and this product is no exception. The rose fragrance is authentic and wonderfully soft, being noticable but not overpowering. I also love the chic simplicity of the packaging and with a pump dispenser it is ideal for placing by the sink where you can reapply the cream after each handwash.


As someone who has inherited quite loose skin on my hands I’m always slathering on the handcream in the attempt to improve the texture and elasticity of my skin and Velvet Soft Handcream really is up to the job. If you’re looking for a lightweight, yet effective hand cream I would definitely recommend checking out this cream, I am sure you will love it as much as I do.

Velvet Hand Cream is available directly from the Heaven website here.

*PR Sample

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3 thoughts on “Heaven Velvet Soft Hand Cream

  1. ursula says:

    Love your hand cream review!! Moisturizes with being greasy is a great hand cream for dry skin types!

    Ursula aka Blueridge Beauty

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