Kease Fashion Key Fob

One of the most annoying parts of my day is scrabbling around in my pockets and the bottom of my bag to locate my keys. After a mild panic invariably I discover they aren’t in either place, but under the pile of junk mail on the kitchen worktop! This happens at least twice a day, everyday, surely someone has a nifty little gadget to save those precious minutes as well as my sanity? Sue Seddon of Kease Keyrings has created the answer with a beautiful little fashion key fob that allows you to clip your keys to a pocket or diary inside your bag.



The Kease Key Fob started life as a household peg, to which Sue simply attached her keys and clipped it to the inside of her bag, but after years of hard work Sue transformed her crude, homemade gadget into a sleek, fashionable keyring that looked good enough to bring to the marketplace.

Pretty and practical the Kease Fashion Key Fob (£7.99)* is available in a number of designs and colourways. It really is a great product which can be clipped to pockets, handbags, even your Filofax and it definitely helps me locate my keys quickly and without the usual stress. The Kease Key Fob also clips comfortably to your waistband solving the age-old problem of where to put your locker key at the gym.


If you like the sound of the Kease Key Fob you can buy one online at and you can also help Sue in her bid to win an investment from Pitch To Rich to further her business by voting for the Kease Key Fob here. I really do wish Sue and her innovative product every success!

*PR Sample

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6 thoughts on “Kease Fashion Key Fob

  1. kauifrommaui says:

    omg I NEED this! I thought a long key chain would do the trick but it doesn’t but this invention seems perfect for this problem 😀

    • Helen says:

      So true – I’ve tried heaps of keyrings before thinking they’d help me locate my keys but I still end up scrabbling around in my bag. No scrabbling required with Kease!

  2. Ursula says:

    I have already saw my key problem with ID wallet (which is PINK) to so I stop “misplacing” tiny keys!! Enjoy your review on this innovative product

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